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Theology Department

A course to train competent ministers, evangelists, Bible workers, and teachers to share the Three Angels’ Messages to the world.
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Christian Media and Communication Department

Designed for students who want to develop creative media-based entrepreneurial skills to win souls.
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Health Science Ministry Department

The Health Science Ministry Department’s mission is to prepare comprehensive health missional professionals.
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Christian Education Department

Instructing missionary teachers to work in a variety of educational settings, from modern classrooms to off-the-grid mission outposts.
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Midwifery Ministry Department

A course combining distance learning with onsite training that prepares women to work as  midwife assistants, childbirth educators, and doulas.
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Future Student Visits

Schedule an on-campus visit to expercience our campus in person and meet our staff and students. We can’t wait to welcome you to Hartland College. Here’s what to expect as you visit us:

Campus Map

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444 Hartland Oak Dr.,
Rapidan, VA 22733

Ladies Dorm

Hartland Wellness Center

Hartland Day Academy

Media Lab

Conference Center






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