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Fundamental Principles of Scripture

Hartland College is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As such, Hartland adheres to the 28 fundamental beliefs adopted by the worldwide church. The administration, faculty, and staff strive to build an educational philosophy upon the Sola Scriptura principle that was inherited from the apostles, prophets, the church “in the wilderness” (Rev 12:6), and the Protestant Reformation.

We believe that Scripture establishes the following five principles that provide the building blocks for our institutional core values, learning outcomes, lifestyle commitments, and mission. Each of the following aspects constitute the context for training 21st century missionaries: The Sabbath, the unchanging nature of God’s law, the heavenly sanctuary, the integrated nature of man, and the Three Angels’ Messages.

Five Principles

The Sabbath:

As a sign, the Sabbath reminds us that God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and that each of us have purpose, meaning, and value.

The Unchangeable Nature of God’s Law:

All creation is designed to function in accordance with laws that are unchangeable. The eternal security of the universe depends upon adherence to these laws.

Heavenly Sanctuary:

Sin has marred the beauty of God’s creation producing sickness, disease, and death. As a result, Christ’s work in the heavenly sanctuary restores the image of God in humanity and brings all things in heaven and earth into unity with God.

Integrated Nature of Man:

Since a person’s mental, physical, spiritual, and social faculties are integrated and thus causally related, we seek to develop and minister to the whole person.

Three Angels’ Messages:

A Sharing the three Angels Message with the
world is integral to our mission as Seventh-day Adventists. The Three Angels Messagese consist of the everlasting gospel, the judgment hour message, and the final warning against rejecting God’s Ten Commandments.

Integrated into each department at Hartland College, these five fundamental principles of Scripture are indispensable for providing the context to develop 21st century missionaries.

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