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Hartland Institute’s Philosophy,
Vision and General

Hartland Institute’s Philosophy, Vision and General Principles

  1. Hartland Institute of Health and Education was established in 1983 as a comprehensive training center for young people. Its vision is to be a world hub for equipping professional, entrepreneurial Seventh-day Adventist missionaries.

  2. Hartland Institute of Health and Education operates and does business as Hartland College, a missionary college that offers a biblically based educational program that combines academics with practical service and outreach. Hartland’s unique program incorporates solid principles, high standards, deep biblical knowledge, practical hands-on experience, effective on-campus and community outreach, agricultural training, and academic study.

  3. Hartland accepts the 28 fundamental Seventh-day Adventist doctrines as found in the Bible as our rule of faith and practice. Members of the Institute (staff, board, and constituency) are expected to be loyal members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, faithful to its message, and committed to its mission. Hartland is committed to following church guidelines and order within the parameters of inspired counsel.

  4. Hartland believes that the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, as manifested in the writings of Ellen G. White, are sources of revealed knowledge. Herein we find the most reliable and infallible authority for conducting our work and guiding our lives. We hold that our security is found in understanding and applying these revealed principles.

  5. Hartland values biblical truth, selfless love, commitment and loyalty, diligence and entrepreneurship, and healthful living.

  6. Hartland is committed to sharing the three angels’ messages. Its mission is to equip professional missionaries to transform the world through Christ’s selfless love.

  7. The scope of Hartland College also includes a health ministry based upon God’s principles of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing; quarterly on-site convocations; weekend programs in churches and schools; a youth camp; a day academy; an evangelistic magazine; and other ministries helpful to the finishing of God’s work.

  8. The staff and students of Hartland are encouraged to participate in regular outreach programs to the surrounding communities. Hartland also believes that regular involvement in a church ministry is important. Students and staff attend several nearby churches where they can become useful, productive members.

  9. Hartland College is committed to continued support for our church and its mission. It is a member of Outpost Centers International (OCI), a family of ministries working together in support of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and of ASI, a Seventh-day Adventist organization of supporting ministries, businesses, and professionals who are responding to the call of God to actively share Christ’s love and hope with the world.

  10. Hartland will not enter into membership or affiliation with other organizations, entities, or individuals that would cause it to compromise God’s principles.

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