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Hartland College seeks to prepare missionaries to transform the world through Jesus Christ. We strive to be diligent stewards of God’s blessings and manage Hartland in such a manner as to provide a high-quality education at the most reasonable investment for students. It is our goal that students earn their degree and leave college debt-free.

Tuition Fees

Per Term
$ 4,312 Per Term
  • Tuition $3,465
    (12 – 18 Credits)
  • Room* $660
  • Meals* $1,265
  • Work Education Credit $1,078-
  • Technology Fee $33

Tuition Fees

Yearly (3 terms)
$ $12,936 Yearly
  • Tuition $10,395
  • Room* $1,980
  • Meals* $3,795
  • Work Education Credit $3,234-
  • Technology Fee $99

Estimate of Investment

Per Term

Yearly (3 terms)

Tuition (12 – 18 Credits)









Work Education Credit (20%)






Technology Fee



* Room and meals are charged on a school-year basis (39 weeks from September to June). Fees for room and meals are due for the same period the student is enrolled while living on campus including breaks. For summer break students may vacate their room and thus not incur room and/or meal charges for the summer. If they remain on campus, they will need to pay the pro-rated rate of their stay.

Married Students

Married students are responsible for finding and maintaining their own housing off campus as no married students’ quarters are available on campus. Charges for married students living off campus and taking a normal load (12–18 credit hours per term):

Per Term

Yearly (3 terms)



Health Insurance

Students are required  to purchase their own medical and dental insurance plans that can be used at a medical/dental facility within 30 miles of Hartland’s campus. Hartland College accepts no responsibility for student health care beyond assistance for minor outpatient care by the campus nurse.

Other Fees and Costs

Late Registration Fee $165
Early Leave or Late Arrival $300
Graduation Fee $220
Textbooks $300 per term (estimated)
Health Insurance Per personal plan
Personal Items Per personal budget

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