Financial Aid – Hartland College

Financial Aid

Hartland College does not participate in government scholarship or grant programs. Applicants who believe they may need financial assistance should contact the Business Office as soon as possible for information regarding the details of the financial options available. Below are some of our current programs.

Application forms for these scholarship or loan programs are available from the Director of Admissions. Inquire for full terms and conditions.

Hartland College Financial Policies

Hartland College is a non-profit corporation owned, operated, and staffed by Seventh-day Adventist lay persons. It is not funded or otherwise supported by any other organization or institution. The capital costs of the institute are derived from gifts, grants, and income generated by various phases of the institute’s programs. Operating funds directly related to the college come from student tuition fees. Every attempt is made to keep the cost of attendance at the lowest amount consistent with a quality education.

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