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Hartland Institute is looking for competent Seventh-day Adventists who have a passion to help train young men and women to be professional missionaries; who will dedicate themselves to promoting the highest customer service and Christian principles.

We are currently recruiting:

This position is a full-time, on-campus role, reporting directly to the President. As a member of Senior Administration, this person will serve similar to a Chief Operations Officer of the supporting ministries at the Institute. They will lead the strategy for and oversee the day-to-day operations of the Wellness Center, Hartland Publications, Last Generation, Farm, Food Services, Facilities Management, Media Lab, and IT teams.

The EA and HR director is a full-time, on-campus position reporting to the President. They perform a variety of complex administrative and clerical duties requiring comprehensive knowledge of the entire Institute as they grow into the position. Primary emphasis is on the coordination of meetings/events, the summarizing of data into concise reports, following up on actions from meetings, and performing human resource-related functions. This person needs to have a strong command of the English language, be technology competent, and be expected to exercise considerable tact, discretion, and judgment.

The College Registrar and Administrative Assistant is a full-time, on-campus position responsible for all aspects of the College’s registration processes, graduation ceremonies, students orientations, and student records management, and reports to the VP of Academic Affairs.

Responsibilities include scheduling and registering students for classes, arranging classroom spaces and times, ensuring students meet graduation requirements, organizing graduation ceremonies, organizing student orientations, processing grades, preparing official transcripts, managing FERPA requirements and producing reports about students and classes.

Ensures the smooth operation of the lifestyle center programs through a variety of administrative and clerical duties. Handles office schedules, coordinate meetings and visits, organizes files, answers phone calls and perform a large variety of other essential tasks. The secretary Is the key to making sure follow through is done with guests and prepares needed documents for sessions.

Nurses at Hartland Wellness Center are responsible for supporting physicians in administering patient care. Our wellness center focuses primarily on lifestyle medicine and we provide medical oversight and nurse care as part of our health programs. These are some of the duties of the nurse:

  • Assist and support physician or supervisor with patient
  • Administer treatment to patients
  • Administer IV’s as prescribed by the physician and based on patients' conditions
  • Monitor patients’ vitals
  • Observe and interpret patient’s symptoms and communicate them to physicians
  • Perform exams
  • Collects and interprets patient information
  • Ensures patient health care records are maintained and accurate

Job Description

Department: Food Services/Cafeteria
Reports to: Business Office Manager and to the President

Hartland College is looking for competent Seventh-day Adventists who have a passion to help train young men and women to be professional missionaries; who will dedicate themselves to promoting the highest customer service and Christian principles.

The Food Services Manager is responsible for planning, managing, monitoring, supervising, and participating in the provisioning, operation, and functions of a food service facility (cafeteria) for students, staff, and visitors, serving breakfast, lunch, and supper with additional ala carte sales.

  • Plan, coordinate, assign, oversee, and participate in the preparation, cooking, and serving of food, preparing and maintaining necessary records and files.
  • Identify problems and suggest changes in methods and procedures.
  • Open kitchen, set up equipment, and prepare cafeteria for serving.
  • Train personnel in operational procedures.
  • Reviews and evaluates the food service menu and budget with the vice-president of administration/finance and/or business office manager and the vice-president of student affairs and operates the department within budget.
  • Maintain consistency in food preparation and service to students and school employees.
  • Prepare equipment for food preparation and monitor refrigeration equipment.
  • Order cafeteria supplies and prepare food orders as needed.
  • Prioritize ordering and utilizing produce from our Hartland Farm
  • Prepare foods; prepare USDA inventory and production records.
  • Prepare work details for the next day; secure the kitchen for the next day and when not in use.
  • Implement a work education program that is competency-based for college students who are assigned to the Food Services department. (Check with the work education coordinator)
  • Organize monthly and weekly schedules, organize work shifts, and assign personnel (students) in consultation with the work-education coordinator.
  • Ensure that personnel have proper support, training, and supervision, as needed.
  • Supervise cleaning and sanitizing of eating utensils, counters, and equipment.

If you would like to work in a missionary-minded educational setting amid the beautiful rural Piedmont area of Virginia, then this is your opportunity Please send resumes and questions to

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