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Summer Outreach School


Summer Outreach School

The purpose of this program is to help ground more young people in the Adventist message and equip them to be soul winners in their local churches and communities…

Because Hartland College’s mission is to train 21st century missionary entrepreneurs, we wanted to instill within students a love for sharing their faith with others right at the beginning of their college experience in a structured and concise way. We also desire our students to learn soul-winning techniques from a wide range of Adventist evangelism leaders from around the world.

Therefore, our Summer Outreach Training School is part of our core curriculum and is required of all incoming students during the summer of their first year. However, it is also offered as a stand-alone certificate program for those who desire to learn the latest practical techniques for sharing the Adventist message with the world. Academic credit is offered for many of the classes via the college’s Theology Department. Non-student guests can also choose to take individual classes by special arrangement.

Our Mission

Infuse an evangelistic spirit in young professionals along with a profound love for Jesus Christ and commitment to the prophetic movement of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

This program is for Seventh-day Adventist young people who want to:

  • Experience a new love for Jesus and a vibrant devotional life.
  • Better understand God’s will and calling for their life.
  • Be energized and driven by the mission and special calling of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Adventist message and doctrines.

Program Length:

  • Ten weeks of training.
  • 120 hours of instruction from experienced, soul-winning pastors and instructors.
  • Almost everything learned in class will be implemented and practiced throughout the summer. Option available for those who only want to take one or two classes.

Program Outcome

  • Students who successfully finish this program will:

    Have a clear vision of how they can be missionaries in whatever occupation God calls them to.

  • Exhibit a firm commitment to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through their support and involvement.

  • Have the knowledge and confidence to lead souls to make a decision for Christ through Bible studies.

  • Have a toolbox of practical skills they can use to minister to the felt needs of people.

  • Be equipped to effectively lead or support the outreach and evangelistic efforts of their local church or conference.

Course Schedule
Teacher Class Description
Pr. Simdumise Poswa This course is designed to awaken a passion for ministering to youth. Students will be given a set of tools for effective youth ministry while also being exposed to the key issues and challenges regarding ministries for youth.
Teacher Class Description
Pr. Simdumise Poswa Study and practice the key steps for the crafting of relevant biblical messages.
Teacher Class Title
Pr. Mark Finley Mrs. Teenie Finley This class will examine the basic principles and strategies for church growth that are found in the book of Acts but with an emphasis on how to apply them to our contemporary context

TeacherClass Title

Pr. Paul Coneff

This seminar will equip students with the basic tools for discipling people, through prayer coaching, who are wounded and struggling with addictions, destructive thought patterns, and emotional and relational problems.

TeacherClass Title

Pr. Paul Coneff

In this course, students will learn how to conduct a relational Bible study that doesn’t just give doctrinal information but helps connect the story of Jesus with the Biblical doctrine and the Bible study contacts personal life.
Teacher Class Title
Pr. Scott Griswold An examination of the conversion experience and a study and practice of the basic principles and disciplines for genuine spiritual growth and a vibrant devotional life.
Teacher Class Title
Pr. Scott Griswold This course is designed to guide the student through a study of the biblical and theological foundations for doing missions. Special attention will be given to missions from both the Old Testament and New Testament perspectives. This foundation will then guide the student as we evaluate missions from post-Apostolic times down to the 21st century.

TeacherClass Title

Armando Lopez

The nuts & bolts of Bible work, how to gain Bible study contacts, lead them through a study and help them make decisions for Christ.

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