Admissions – Hartland College

Dear Applicant,

We want to take a moment to say how happy we are that you are considering Hartland College as the place where you will be trained for God’s service. We offer you a unique opportunity to focus on the spiritual qualifications you will need as well as the practical application of the principles you will learn.

Studying at Hartland College is a calling from the Lord. Students here have a special place in God’s work, both while in school and after they graduate.

May the Lord bless you as you fill out your application, and may the Holy Spirit lead you in preparing for the highest service both here on Earth and in eternity.

Sincerely yours,

Kevin Grams
Vice President of Academic Affairs

P.S. Before completing the application process, in the Apply section, please read carefully the Hartland College Catalog (PDF format). Consider especially the educational philosophy and the specific commitments that will be expected from you should you be accepted as a student.

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