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Christian Media Major

Our Mission

Equip 21st-century missional entrepreneurs with innovative competencies and literacies to transform cyberspace with a proper understanding of the plan of salvation.

Our Philosophy

The number of nontraditional households with a post-Christian culture has made it much more challenging to use traditional outreach methods. Therefore, it is a top priority to rethink and innovate how we engage in mission work without compromising our biblical worldview.

In the book The Ministry of Healing, Ellen White presents a method by which we can be truly successful in our mission work. It is a well thought out process that involves empathizing with the perspective of the people we want to serve. Our main goal is to instill a human-centered approach to ministry. This approach is a way to improve the usability and user experience for digital content created by students for those seeking spiritual answers. By helping students adopt this mindset, technology will never overshadow ministry but will remain a tool that supports the work.

Our Student Profile

Our media program is specifically designed for students who want to develop creative entrepreneurial skills to win souls. Students are encouraged to find new ways to reach changing generations with the unchanging, everlasting gospel.

The program also encourages students to start a creative agency that uses their talents to glorify God and benefit humanity while still in school. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to enter a variety of media professions and fields, whether through advanced study in media or as practitioners and artists

Program Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the BA in Christian Media Ministry, our graduates will share the everlasting gospel as:

Creative Missional Entrepreneurs

  • Apply creative entrepreneurial skills to solve practical business problems. 
  •  Engage with a range of stakeholders to deliver creative and sustainable solutions to specific problems.

Multimedia Designers / Graphic Designers

  • Construct a body of work that demonstrates visual intelligence, conceptual understanding, collaboration, and technical facility at a professional entry level in media design/graphic design and production.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of discipline-specific skills and vocabulary.

Degrees Offered

  • BA in Christian Media Ministry (with a specialization stream*)
  • Associate in Christian Media Ministry (with a specialization stream*)
  • Christian Media Minor (specialization stream*)

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