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Zambia Mission Trip

Heaven gave all in the form of Jesus Christ for the redemption of mankind. God could have left us to experience the wages of sin, but instead, He gave heaven’s prized possession. How much more must we in
vest in saving those who are still perishing from the sting of sin?
There’s an area in Lusaka, Zambia, where people are dealing with Spiritualism, a deadly deception that will deceive, if possible, “even the very elect.” Many are living in constant confusion, believing that they are communing with their loved ones who have passed away, but in reality, they are speaking with evil spirits. Some go out to seek witch doctors in order to gain, so they believe, something they lack–whether it be money, children, or perhaps a spell on someone they envy.
Along with Spiritualism, polygamy and Pentecostalism are prominent. Five of us have decided to take action in the month of August 2023. We will be conducting an evangelistic campaign in four locations for 21 nights, addressing the issue of the state of the dead, the antichrist, the 2,300-day prophecy, the Sabbath, and much more.

Along with the campaigns, health expos will be conducted, a Great Controversy distribution, baptism classes, evangelism seminars, and youth programs.
In order to conduct all these things and be effective, we need $15,000. This sum is not a big request because we believe our Father “has a thousand ways to provide for us in
which we know not of.” We reach out to you in faith, believing that God can use you to help us reach Mandevu Mission District in Lusaka, Zambia. Funds can be donated on
this GoFundMe page or sent directly to the “Zambia Mission Trip” account at Hartland College. If we reach our goal for the Zambia Mission Trip, the
balance will carry over for the Cameroon Mission Trip in December 2023. Below are the different methods of giving. We thank you for partnering with us as we carry out the gospel commission.



Aug 06 - 26 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


(540) 406-2469

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