2023 Spring Convocation – Hartland College

2023 Spring Convocation

Righteousness by Faith and its Impact on Religious Liberty

We have been called to be champions of the three angels’ messages and of religious liberty. Therefore, we need to understand the connection between righteousness by faith and religious liberty. We need to understand, what are the real issues and whose side are we on? Where does the Christian believer draw the line between obeying the laws of the land and obeying God? How can we discern the times? How can we avoid legalism and exalt God’s law in our lives?

Join us as we discuss these timely topics at our upcoming Spring convocation with Pastor Mark and Jim Howard!



“Discerning the Times” | Pr. Mark Howard
How do the current movements in our government and our world regarding freedom of speech, abortion laws, health mandates, etc., relate to liberty of conscience and our prophetic message?


8:45 am | Pr. Jim Howard

This week’s Sabbath School lesson talks about “The Good News of the Judgment.” What’s so good about the judgment? As it turns out, the good news is that God is good.


“A Matter of Submission” | Godfrey Miyanda


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We offer programs for children and youth. Young people under 18 must have an adult take responsibility for their safety and behavior. Swimming or playing in the lakes and ponds is prohibited. Bicycles and skateboards are prohibited. This is for everyone’s safety.

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Apr 28 - 30 2023


6:45 pm - 12:30 pm


Hartland Conference Center
Hartland Conference Center
278 Dogwood Lane
Opening Hour
1:30 – 3:30 pm


Hartland College
Hartland College
Hartland College


  • Jim Howard
    Jim Howard

    Jim Howard is the Director of the General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department and Assistant to the President for Total Member Involvement Lay Training. Prior to his current role, Elder Howard served as a pastor in Ohio and Michigan, as Evangelism Coordinator and Personal Ministries Director for the Michigan Conference, and as Associate Director of Sabbath School and Personal Ministries for the General Conference. He and his wife Sonya have two adult daughters, Kayla and Lindsey, and son-in-law Skyler (Kayla). Throughout Elder Howard’s ministry of preaching, teaching, training, and developing soul-winning resources, he has encouraged both leaders and lay people to accept the call of Christ to become actively involved in both personal and public outreach.

  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard

    Pastor Mark Howard is an ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With over twenty years of experience in pastoral ministry and evangelism, he currently serves as the associate director of the Sabbath School & Personal Ministries Department of the Michigan Conference. Pastor Howard is known for his clear, compelling presentations and his passion for the Adventist Message.

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