2024 Spring Convocation – Hartland College

2024 Spring Convocation

Discover how Sutherland and Magan’s response to the 1888 gospel message sparked innovative education and mission growth in the SDA Church

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Dr. Andi Hunsaker

Is a physician, the ASI president, and an advisory board member of the 1888 Message Study Committee. She is passionate about personal evangelism.

Dr. Robert Hunsaker

Is a physician and the president of the 1888 Message Study Committee. He is a speaker and author and is passionate about medical evangelism.

Greg Whitsett

Is the planning director for the at the General Conference. He is a mission strategist and is passionate about cross-cultural missions.

Jonathan Nino

Is a pastor for the Southern New England Conference and Oon Jai Foundation’s projector and mission director. He is passionate about local and overseas missions. 

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“Why I am a Seventh-day Adventist Protestant Christian Monotheistic Theist.” Our world is increasingly diverse in terms of worldviews. No longer are we merely speaking to Baptists, Catholics, and Presbyterians. Now we routinely encounter Muslims, Buddhists, “pagans”, and atheists. Are we still able to articulate the reasons for our faith when we encounter others for whom the Bible is not authoritative. Let’s examine the foundational reasons for “our faith”.

This presentation explores what the Scriptures tell us about the sacred calling God has placed upon His remnant people in the last days to faithfully advance His kingdom, proclaiming the good news to all people groups around the globe. And further, how can we evaluate our mission progress?


This presentation explores the central focus of our mission—to make disciples who are able to stand loyal to Christ in the last days, though the heavens fall. Particular attention will be looking at a disciple-centered model of soul-winning and adjusting our ministry to ensure wholistic and transformational growth of our disciples.



Apr 19 - 21 2024


6:00 pm - 12:00 pm


Hartland Conference Center
Hartland Conference Center
278 Dogwood Lane
Opening Hour
1:30 – 3:30 pm


Hartland College
Hartland College
Hartland College


  • Bob Hunsaker

    Dr. Robert Hunsaker is a physician practicing in the Boston area. He is an elder in his local SDA church, a regular Sabbath School teacher with his wife, Andi, and an active member on his local conference committee. He is the president of the 1888 Message Study Committee and is active in other supportive ministries such as AMEN and ASI. He writes and speaks regularly around the USA and internationally.

  • Andi Hunsaker

    Andi Hunsaker is the current ASI president and an advisory board member of the 1888 Message Study Committee. She loves personal involvement in soul winning, particularly in giving one-on-one Bible studies. She and her husband, Bob, lead a Sabbath school class at their home church in Stoneham, Massachusetts. She and her husband are both physicians practicing medicine full- time in Boston.

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