2023 Summer Convocation – Hartland College

2023 Summer Convocation

Registration is now open for Summer Convocation 

Contact: Events Coordinator
Phone: 540-672-1927 or 540-672-3100 ext:2232
Email: events@hartland.edu
Events Office opening times: Monday to Thursday, 1:30 – 3:30 pm.
All guests are required to register in order to attend this event. Please click here to register.
Accommodation Reservation Options: Go to the website here. Or call for accommodation reservation options.
The deadline is July 19, 2023. On-site Registration: is from 4-6 pm Friday, July 28th, 2023



“The Gift: What Ellen White Means to Me”
As a child growing up in the inner-city and struggling with many issues, God used Ellen White’s writings to change my life! God has promised that His Children would hear a voice behind them saying, “this is the way, walk in it” (Isaiah 30:21). The Prophetic Gift Transforms Lives!


8:45 am | Dr Norman McNulty | “The Testimony of Jesus In My Life”
I began reading the Spirit of Prophecy at the age of 9 and it has unquestionably shaped the rest of my life. In this message, we will see how the ministry of Ellen White can create a life-changing testimony for you too. After all, who would not want to hear Jesus speaking to us directly?


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We offer programs for children and youth. Young people under 18 must have an adult take responsibility for their safety and behavior. Swimming or playing in the lakes and ponds is prohibited. Bicycles and skateboards are prohibited. This is for everyone’s safety.
Lodging is available onsite at Hartland Wellness Center. For more information please call: 540- 472 5101. Cabins, RV, and tent sites are also available. For more information please call:  540- 672 1927. The Hartland cafeteria will offer Sabbath lunch for this event. Please get your meal tickets by July 19th.

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Jul 28 - 30 2023


6:45 pm - 12:30 pm


Hartland Conference Center
Hartland Conference Center
278 Dogwood Lane
Opening Hour
1:30 – 3:30 pm


Hartland College
Hartland College
Hartland College


  • Norman McNulty
    Norman McNulty

    Is a board-certified neurologist practicing in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Prior to starting his current job in Tennessee, he worked for two years at the Adventist hospital in Trinidad. He trained at Loma Linda University and graduated in 2004. He enjoys studying the Adventist prophetic message and travels around the world speaking in his free time. He is the author of the recently published books Daniel: Practical Living in the Judgment Hour and Revelation: Practical Living in the Judgment Hour. He is married to Joelle, and they are blessed with four daughters and one son.

  • Dwain N. Esmond
    Dwain N. Esmond
    PhD (cand.)

    Serves as associate director and editor of the Ellen G. White Estate and evangelist for the global Back to the Altar worship initiative. His doctoral research in leadership focuses on innovation in missional organizations.

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