HDA – Hartland College


Well-rounded education for students, including core subjects, agriculture, Bible and vocational training classes.


HDA welcomes students seeking an education that focuses on character-building and community outreach

Practical Skills

Learning practical work skills and a Christian work ethic emphasizing dependability and discipline.

Hartland Day Academy is nestled in the beautiful Piedmont Valley of Virginia. We are located within the premises of Hartland College

To inspire and impact each student to love Jesus Christ

and prepare him/her to be God’s representative in sharing the good news of the Gospel with the World.

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Application Form

Hartland Day Academy welcomes any young person (grades K to 12) who desires a character-building education to be a witness for Christ. As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian school, high moral principles and respect for God and others are expected from all who attend. Students should realize that by presenting themselves for admission to HDA, they willingly pledge to observe the regulations and uphold the Christian principles upon which the school is founded. The admission process will include an interview with the student and parents (or legal guardian.) Upon completion of the interview, three references will be required. Application for admission could be considered by the school board.