World Mission

World Mission

Bible Conference

The Bible Conference Department of Hartland World Mission coordinates numerous truth-filled convocations and seminars on our campus in Rapidan, VA every year, as well as arranges seminars and convocations around the continental U.S. and overseas.


If asked to visualize “evangelism,” chances are you would picture a crusade complete with posters of strange beasts and a scarlet woman!

Our “Lord, Send Me” program does not match that stereotype, but it is pure evangelism! Personal “contact evangelism” is the most effective way to reach and hold the lost sheep. It was Jesus’s method was it not?

This program is designed to assist foreign graduates with a desire to begin a self- supporting ministry in their homeland, to raise funds to establish their ministry and to assist and mentor them for up to two years after their launch date.

Last Updated Jul 19, 2011