The Safest Investment

Oct 20, 2008

There is nothing that provides foolproof economic security in this world.

Many of you are hearing the doomsday messages concerning the economy of the United States, and by extension, those of other countries. Some of these warnings have come from responsible sources. There are those who say that we are facing the greatest economic collapse in the history of the world. That would certainly be devastating, especially knowing the results of the 1929 stock market collapse.

Five years ago, a friend of mine was called into his bank manager’s office and was told that similar conditions to those in 1929 were already developing in America. The difference was that it would not be the stock market that would bring down the economy, but the housing industry. All can recognize that this prediction has met its fulfillment in the magnitude of recent home foreclosures. The closing of banks also indicates serious economic difficulties.

Of course, it is possible that governments and banks are down-playing the imminent dangers. Most of us will have to rely on the most trusted media sources available to us to have any idea of what might be ahead. Perhaps even the financial geniuses in this country are not certain of the final outcome. There seems to be no way to escape the imminent doom or to guarantee security. Some people are banking on precious metals. Others believe investments in oil companies will bring security. In the past, many banked on real estate, but they are now realizing loss of equity in these properties. In reality, there is nothing that provides foolproof security in this world.

For this reason, the wise stewards of God’s people are called to be faithful with the resources God has entrusted to us. When we place our treasure in heaven, there will be no loss of equity, and the work of God will be seen in souls who will be led to the kingdom through His diverse ministries.

At Hartland, we are taking the warnings seriously. What a responsibility we have! I cannot bear to think that even one cent of God’s money might be misappropriated, whether it be income from Hartland’s internal operations or the donations of faithful supporters. We need the wisdom of heaven to guide us, and we ask for your prayers to that end.

May God also bless you in your decisions, and guide you step by step to the eternal kingdom.