The Power of the Pen

Feb 1, 2008

“Literature can speak to people’s hearts better than we can,” says Diana Wolfe, a serious Last Generation literature missionary.

“Do you want me to renew your subscription to Last Generation?” Diana Wolfe asked her daughter, Sayward.

“Oh yes, Mother, it’s my favorite!”

Not only do Tom and Diana Wolfe of Lenoir City, Tennessee, send Last Generation to family members, but they also use it in a variety of ways in their literature ministry, which they have named “The Bible Says.” Besides putting ads for free literature on the radio and in magazines, they have placed two Silent SAM literature boxes in a dark county. Frances, a church member, keeps them filled with Last Generation and other truth-filled magazines or books. “I can’t believe how fast they leave the box!” she remarks.

A year ago, Tom and Diana started using Last Generation in their prison ministry. “Of all the people to whom we give Last Generation subscriptions, the prisoners are the most excited to receive them!” The Wolfes also send subscriptions to Bible study contacts, new church members, and family members. “Literature can speak to people’s hearts better than we can,” says Diana with tears in her voice. “It can reach people that we’ll never be able to reach. We truly believe that the literature ministry will finish the work.”

Robin and Bonnie Rogers from Murphy, North Carolina, also share a passion for literature outreach. For the past two years, they have bought cases of Last Generation’s Halloween special issue to distribute in two nearby towns. “At one of the Halloween events this year, we met a young man who was married to a Wiccan,” Bonnie relates. “He drank and used drugs, but he said, ‘I’m trying to turn my life around.’ The cover of the magazine, which fit in with the theme of Halloween, piqued his spiritual interest. We both realized it was a providential encounter.”

The Rogers are also involved in church planting in a dark region of Tennessee, and they are using Last Generation to stimulate Bible study interests in the area. “We have a Silent SAM box in front of a grocery store, and we put Bible interest cards in each magazine,” Bonnie explains. “Usually, before the end of the month, there are only one or two magazines left in the box. One time when we went to check on the box, there was a man reading a Last Generation magazine right there in front of the store!”

We hope that these stories have inspired you to think of different ways you can use Last Generation to broaden your outreach efforts. For great literature resources, call our sales office at 1-877-LASTGEN.