Timeless Treasures Recaptured

Jan 8, 2009

Your favorite sermons from the past are now available in new formats.

If you have ever heard Ray DeCarlo preach on the historic interpretations of Bible prophecy, listened to Maurice Berry warn of the dangers of worldly entertainment, or heard Dr. Standish or Dennis Priebe expose much of the false doctrine and new theology permeating the Christian church today, you have experienced the power of good preaching. At EGNtv, we want to make sure that this power will not fade, but rather that it will be preserved for the future.

This year we have launched one of our most ambitious, but long-awaited tasks: the conversion of over a thousand hours of archived Hartland presentations into DVD, CD, and MP3 formats. This was a task that we started at least twice but were forced to set on the back burner due to more pressing projects. But we can no longer put this off. As long as these video and audio cassettes sit on the shelves, they will deteriorate; these messages run the risk of being lost forever.

Perhaps the greatest reason we have put this project at the forefront is your response to our survey this past summer. When given the option of prioritizing our projects, many of you chose this project as number one. I can understand why. You don’t hear messages like these being preached from many pulpits today. It is our duty at EGN to enlighten the world and get these sermons into your hands!

This new project is the EGN Library of Sermons. We are bringing 25 years and hundreds of hours of good, straight preaching out of our archives and into your library. We are releasing each collection by speaker. Already, we have released three collections. The Ralph Larson Collection was released this summer at camp meeting, and the Maurice Berry Collection and Eric Betts Collection were both released during our Fall Convocation. (By the way, have you noticed that we always release our new products at convocation or camp meeting? Stay tuned!) Our next collections to be released will be by Dr. Colin Standish and Dr. Russell Standish. By God’s grace, they will be waiting for you at our Winter Convocation in February.

You can find our currently released Library of Sermons collections in our catalog, and don’t forget to keep checking our catalog and website for new releases. Please pray for us that we can continue to enlighten the world with the truth of God’s Word through media!