Hartland Publications

Established in 1984, Hartland Publications (HP) is a lay-operated Protestant publishing house. We publish Bible-based books and produce media for truth seekers of all ages, helping them to develop their personal characters and prepare for Christ Jesus’ soon return. We are especially dedicated to reprinting significant historical books on Protestantism that might otherwise go out of circulation.

HP supports and promotes other Christian publishers and media producers who remain consistent with the biblical principles of truth and righteousness. Sometimes we also feature books and other materials that we do not directly endorse, only to enlighten our patrons on the counterfeits of our regular prophetic teachings. We seek to arouse the spirit of true Protestantism—based on the Bible and the Bible only—thus awakening the world to a sense of how valuable is the religious liberty we currently enjoy.

We currently distribute our publications in over 26 countries, representing every inhabited continent. We believe we carry materials that every student of God’s Word will find rewarding in their search for greater light and truth.

Last Updated Jan 1, 2008