Free Literature

Sep 15, 2008

Thursday August 21, 2008 10:50 AM

Hi Pastor Rodney Millin,

Have you recieved your shipment yet?
Thank You & God Bless!

Johny Carmouche
Hartland Publications

Sunday August 31, 2008

Hi Brother Carmouche,

I have just returned from a week long rural campmeeting, hence my last reply, I just received a message from the shipping company that the books have been located and were headed my way on a train from South Africa. They should have arrived during my absence. I’m hoping tomorrow. Will be in touch.

God Bless,


Monday Deptember 1, 2008

Greetings my dear brother,

Good news. The agents called me today to comfirm that the books have arrived in Harare. I am heading out there tomorrow to pick them up. God is good, it might take a day or two but I will definitely have them. Will keep you posted.

God Bless,


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We have sent a pallet of our Hartland Publication books from our Free Literature Fund to Zimbabwe. They are soon to be in the peoples’ hands. This leg of the work is done. The deprived people can have what they most need to get ready for our Lord’s soon coming. In the pallet we sent many books and Bibles to help in the work in Zimbabwe. We need to finish the work and get the message to every corner of the world, so I am pleading with you to please find in your hearts to send much needed funds to Hartland Free Litature Fund so we can continue in the work the Lord has called us all to do. Be a part of the great blessing. May God bless you!

“Please send me more books to further enhance my understanding of Bible truths!” Brother Chikandiwa pleaded, “You are my only hope, since these books are not found easily in Africa, and especially in Zimbabwe.”

Our goal for this project is $100,000 to cover the cost of printing and to aid in the shipping of free literature to foreign countries, where souls such as Brother Chikandiwa and his friends are thirsting for the Spirit-filled truth that comes from the books we are able to send with your help from Hartland Publications.

Friends, if 1,000 people each give $100 dollars, we can reach this goal! Time is short, and Satan is working harder than ever before to deceive the masses. By sending your check today, you can help to frustrate Satan’s work. With your help, we will be able to print more books to dispel the spiritual darkness in our world today! God has been faithful in the past, and we trust that He will fulfill our needs now, just as before.

May the Lord be with each of you as you seek to lead others to Him.
Yours in the blessed hope,

Colin D. Standish

P.S. Please mark your donation “HP Literature” and send it as soon as possible! Your generous gifts have been such a blessing, and we thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you to finish His work.