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Established in 1984, Hartland Publications (HP) is a lay-operated Protestant publishing house. We publish Bible-based books and produce media for truth seekers of all ages, helping them to develop their personal characters and prepare for Christ Jesus’ soon return. We are especially dedicated to reprinting significant historical books on Protestantism that might otherwise go out of circulation.

HP supports and promotes other Christian publishers and media producers who remain consistent with the biblical principles of truth and righteousness. Sometimes we also feature books and other materials that we do not directly endorse, only to enlighten our patrons on the counterfeits of our regular prophetic teachings. We seek to arouse the spirit of true Protestantism—based on the Bible and the Bible only—thus awakening the world to a sense of how valuable is the religious liberty we currently enjoy.

We currently distribute our publications in over 26 countries, representing every inhabited continent. We believe we carry materials that every student of God’s Word will find rewarding in their search for greater light and truth.

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Hartland Publications 2014 Spring Sales!

Apr 10, 2014


Timeless Treasures Recaptured

Jan 8, 2009

Your favorite sermons from the past are now available in new formats.

If you have ever heard Ray DeCarlo preach on the historic interpretations of Bible prophecy, listened to Maurice Berry warn of the dangers of worldly entertainment, or heard Dr. Standish or Dennis Priebe expose much of the false doctrine and new theology permeating the Christian church today, you have experienced the power of good preaching. At EGNtv, we want to make sure that this power will not fade, but rather that it will be preserved for the future.

This year we have launched one of our most ambitious, but long-awaited tasks: the conversion of over a thousand hours of archived Hartland presentations into DVD, CD, and MP3 formats. This was a task that we started at least twice but were forced to set on the back burner due to more pressing projects. But we can no longer put this off. As long as these video and audio cassettes sit on the shelves, they will deteriorate; these messages run the risk of being lost forever.

Perhaps the greatest reason we have put this project at the forefront is your response to our survey this past summer. When given the option of prioritizing our projects, many of you chose this project as number one. I can understand why. You don’t hear messages like these being preached from many pulpits today. It is our duty at EGN to enlighten the world and get these sermons into your hands!

This new project is the EGN Library of Sermons. We are bringing 25 years and hundreds of hours of good, straight preaching out of our archives and into your library. We are releasing each collection by speaker. Already, we have released three collections. The Ralph Larson Collection was released this summer at camp meeting, and the Maurice Berry Collection and Eric Betts Collection were both released during our Fall Convocation. (By the way, have you noticed that we always release our new products at convocation or camp meeting? Stay tuned!) Our next collections to be released will be by Dr. Colin Standish and Dr. Russell Standish. By God’s grace, they will be waiting for you at our Winter Convocation in February.

You can find our currently released Library of Sermons collections in our catalog, and don’t forget to keep checking our catalog and website for new releases. Please pray for us that we can continue to enlighten the world with the truth of God’s Word through media!


Free Literature

Sep 15, 2008

Thursday August 21, 2008 10:50 AM

Hi Pastor Rodney Millin,

Have you recieved your shipment yet?
Thank You & God Bless!

Johny Carmouche
Hartland Publications

Sunday August 31, 2008

Hi Brother Carmouche,

I have just returned from a week long rural campmeeting, hence my last reply, I just received a message from the shipping company that the books have been located and were headed my way on a train from South Africa. They should have arrived during my absence. I’m hoping tomorrow. Will be in touch.

God Bless,


Monday Deptember 1, 2008

Greetings my dear brother,

Good news. The agents called me today to comfirm that the books have arrived in Harare. I am heading out there tomorrow to pick them up. God is good, it might take a day or two but I will definitely have them. Will keep you posted.

God Bless,


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We have sent a pallet of our Hartland Publication books from our Free Literature Fund to Zimbabwe. They are soon to be in the peoples’ hands. This leg of the work is done. The deprived people can have what they most need to get ready for our Lord’s soon coming. In the pallet we sent many books and Bibles to help in the work in Zimbabwe. We need to finish the work and get the message to every corner of the world, so I am pleading with you to please find in your hearts to send much needed funds to Hartland Free Litature Fund so we can continue in the work the Lord has called us all to do. Be a part of the great blessing. May God bless you!

“Please send me more books to further enhance my understanding of Bible truths!” Brother Chikandiwa pleaded, “You are my only hope, since these books are not found easily in Africa, and especially in Zimbabwe.”

Our goal for this project is $100,000 to cover the cost of printing and to aid in the shipping of free literature to foreign countries, where souls such as Brother Chikandiwa and his friends are thirsting for the Spirit-filled truth that comes from the books we are able to send with your help from Hartland Publications.

Friends, if 1,000 people each give $100 dollars, we can reach this goal! Time is short, and Satan is working harder than ever before to deceive the masses. By sending your check today, you can help to frustrate Satan’s work. With your help, we will be able to print more books to dispel the spiritual darkness in our world today! God has been faithful in the past, and we trust that He will fulfill our needs now, just as before.

May the Lord be with each of you as you seek to lead others to Him.
Yours in the blessed hope,

Colin D. Standish

P.S. Please mark your donation “HP Literature” and send it as soon as possible! Your generous gifts have been such a blessing, and we thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you to finish His work.

The 144,000, The Great Multitude & The Return of Jesus

Sep 1, 2008

The 144,000, the Great Multitude, and the Return of Jesus

Fascinating as it has been to many Christians, few have solved the mystery of the 144,000 and the great multitude of the book of Revelation. Yet the pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church focused much attention upon them. Like a sudden and unexpected flash of blinding lighting, this group of 144,000 is introduced in Revelation chapter 7 and again in another lightening flash in Revelation chapter 14, never again to be mentioned. The Old Testament is silent on the topic; Christ said nothing about it; neither did the writers of the gospels or the apostolic epistles. Yet the authors solve most of the divisive interpretations from the Bible itself and show how important is the understanding of these groups to all Christians. The authors solve most of the divisive interpretations from the Bible itself.



Postmodernism & the Decline of Christianity

Sep 1, 2008

Postmodernism and the Decline of Christianity

Like stealth in the night, postmodernism has not only invaded the world but the church. It is a concept in which there are no universal laws, no ultimates, no immutables. It is based upon the feelings of each individual. Truth is nothing more than the whims of each individual. Few Christians have understood the postmodernist agenda, let alone the profound influence it has exerted upon the Christian church. This book exposes how far this influence has invaded the portals of the Christian establishments and how it is destroying the very fabric of society.



Last Generation’s Special Miracle

Aug 20, 2008

Sky rocketing postal increases and rising paper prices are threatening many small magazines. But our oil and meal still haven’t run out!

A year ago, we had a visit from a sales rep for United Litho, Last Generation’s printer. She warned us that unprecedented postal increases were about to break on the publishing industry. Also waiting in the wings was a substantial paper price increase. The printing industry was estimating that 30 percent of small periodicals might go out of business.

I knew that there were only so many of these price increases that could be passed on before we started losing subscribers. Of even deeper concern to me were our overseas free literature accounts. Overseas shipping would nearly triple! Now our free literature money would have to pay for a higher proportion of mailing costs.

But that wasn’t all. Next came the news that because donations had decreased, yearly funding for free literature was being cut by $20,000! I was beginning to feel like Job. But then I remembered that throughout the twenty years of our existence, the barrel of meal and the cruse of oil had never failed to provide the finances to give spiritual bread to the hungry.

Remembering God’s command that we be wise stewards, I began to consider what we could do to stay in business. We reevaluated our free literature program, cutting where necessary and scaling back in some instances. The postal increases came with a hidden blessing. The service to international destinations was much better—airmail versus surface shipping. It no longer took two to three months for the magazines to reach their overseas destinations. In most cases they arrived in two weeks or less. This gave us better control over our shipments and better communication with our literature missionaries.

But when the paper price increases arrived, I knew that I would have to look for a new printer. United Litho is situated near Washington, D.C., a region with high labor costs. Reluctantly I began to prospect for a new printer with lower labor costs.

When I found one that could provide the same service for $2,000 less per issue, including the freight to ship it to our local mailer, this seemed to be the step we should take. But I contacted United Litho once more, letting them know that we would prefer to stay with them if possible.

The next day, the sales rep called back in great excitement. They were just purchasing a new piece of equipment that could greatly reduce production costs on our particular format. Would we be willing to sign a three-year contract with them for $2,000 less per issue? This seemed too good to be true!

We accepted the offer, praising God for filling once more our cruse of oil and our barrel of meal. Even with paper price and postal increases, we won’t have to increase our subscription rates, and we can still provide free literature to our overseas contacts.


The Power of the Pen

Feb 1, 2008

“Literature can speak to people’s hearts better than we can,” says Diana Wolfe, a serious Last Generation literature missionary.

“Do you want me to renew your subscription to Last Generation?” Diana Wolfe asked her daughter, Sayward.

“Oh yes, Mother, it’s my favorite!”

Not only do Tom and Diana Wolfe of Lenoir City, Tennessee, send Last Generation to family members, but they also use it in a variety of ways in their literature ministry, which they have named “The Bible Says.” Besides putting ads for free literature on the radio and in magazines, they have placed two Silent SAM literature boxes in a dark county. Frances, a church member, keeps them filled with Last Generation and other truth-filled magazines or books. “I can’t believe how fast they leave the box!” she remarks.

A year ago, Tom and Diana started using Last Generation in their prison ministry. “Of all the people to whom we give Last Generation subscriptions, the prisoners are the most excited to receive them!” The Wolfes also send subscriptions to Bible study contacts, new church members, and family members. “Literature can speak to people’s hearts better than we can,” says Diana with tears in her voice. “It can reach people that we’ll never be able to reach. We truly believe that the literature ministry will finish the work.”

Robin and Bonnie Rogers from Murphy, North Carolina, also share a passion for literature outreach. For the past two years, they have bought cases of Last Generation’s Halloween special issue to distribute in two nearby towns. “At one of the Halloween events this year, we met a young man who was married to a Wiccan,” Bonnie relates. “He drank and used drugs, but he said, ‘I’m trying to turn my life around.’ The cover of the magazine, which fit in with the theme of Halloween, piqued his spiritual interest. We both realized it was a providential encounter.”

The Rogers are also involved in church planting in a dark region of Tennessee, and they are using Last Generation to stimulate Bible study interests in the area. “We have a Silent SAM box in front of a grocery store, and we put Bible interest cards in each magazine,” Bonnie explains. “Usually, before the end of the month, there are only one or two magazines left in the box. One time when we went to check on the box, there was a man reading a Last Generation magazine right there in front of the store!”

We hope that these stories have inspired you to think of different ways you can use Last Generation to broaden your outreach efforts. For great literature resources, call our sales office at 1-877-LASTGEN.


New Titles and Reprints

Jan 1, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have just published three new titles: Missionaries to the World, Impossible Prophecies Fulfilled, and Two Beasts, Three Deadly Wounds & Fifteen Popes.

In addition we reprinted The Evangelical Dilemma and Romanism and the Reformation.

Formally we had Two Beasts, Three Deadly Wounds, & Fourteen Popes, but as Russell Standish the primary author worked very hard on this book before his untimely death, much time and effort went into this very interesting book. Missionaries to the World is about the trials and tribulations of Colin and Russell Standish as they were making their ways to different areas as Colin continues to do. Colin Standish has not slowed down one bit since his brother’s passing, as he just returned from South Africa and flew directly to the west coast of the US before returning home to Rapidan, Virginia. Impossible Prophecies Fulfilled concerns the prophecies of the Bible as apposed to the mystical prophecies of the Agnostics, Atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, Taoists and Confucianisms as well as Skeptics. Colin and Russell have chosen some of the most fascinating prophecies and have traced them to their pinpoint accuracy as revealed in history. The Evangelical Dilemma is a reprint from the same title examining the teachings of Evangelical Protestantism. Romanism and the Reformation by H. Grattan Guinness is on the Reformation into the 19th century after the fall of Romanism.

These new books are excellent for study and knowledge of who we are and where we are in this age of uncertainty.

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May 10, 2000

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