Prophetic Times

As Seen by the World

Jul 11, 2012

By Jeff Wehr

Does it seem possible to you that those closest to Jesus will be seen as alarmists and even enemies of the state? Consider the following:

“Heretofore those who presented the truths of the third angel’s message have often been regarded as mere alarmists. Their predictions that religious intolerance would gain control in the United States, that church and state would unite to persecute those who keep the commandments of God, have been pronounced groundless and absurd. It has been confidently declared that this land could never become other than what it has been—the defender of religious freedom. But as the question of enforcing Sunday observance is widely agitated, the event so long doubted and disbelieved is seen to be approaching, and the third message will produce an effect which it could not have had before.” GC 605, 606

We may be seen as alarmists, but what we preach will come to pass and some will join the ranks of God’s remnant.

“Those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of law and order, as breaking down the moral restraints of society, causing anarchy and corruption, and calling down the judgments of God upon the earth. Their conscientious scruples will be pronounced obstinacy, stubbornness, and contempt of authority. They will be accused of disaffection toward the government. Ministers who deny the obligation of the divine law will present from the pulpit the duty of yielding obedience to the civil authorities as ordained of God. In legislative halls and courts of justice, commandment keepers will be misrepresented and condemned. A false coloring will be given to their words; the worst construction will be put upon their motives.” GC 592

We may be seen by many as “enemies of law and order,” but we will be seen by our heavenly Father as obedient sons and daughters.

“And then the great deceiver will persuade men that those who serve God are causing these evils. The class that have provoked the displeasure of Heaven will charge all their troubles upon those whose obedience to God’s commandments is a perpetual reproof to transgressors. It will be declared that men are offending God by the violation of the Sunday sabbath; that this sin has brought calamities which will not cease until Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced; and that those who present the claims of the fourth commandment, thus destroying reverence for Sunday, are troublers of the people, preventing their restoration to divine favor and temporal prosperity.” GC 590

We may be seen as “troublers of the people” but the enforcement of the national Sunday law will bring national ruin to this country and the world. It doesn’t really matter what the world calls us. What matters is our fidelity to God. Remain faithful to God until death, and He will reward you with the gift of eternal life.