Prophetic Times

Danger and Freedom

May 14, 2012

By Jeff Wehr

Today we hear about the rising threat of nuclear proliferation, cyber attacks, revolutions in the Middle East, economic instability in Europe and around the world, and the rising new powers of China and India. All these and other changes point to an unpredictable shift that seems to threaten our security. Yet there is greater political freedom around the world. So how is the world more dangerous, yet freer?

It may be that all our efforts to halt aggression, to provide foreign aid, and to open our doors of American education has made the world a better place. But danger still lurks on the horizon, and many people are bracing themselves for some stupendous crisis.

But while the world grows more dangerous, increased freedom around the world has opened doors for evangelism. Take for example the great nation of Russia. There was a time when religion was grossly suppressed. But since the collapse of communism in the former Soviet Union in 1989, we have had tremendous opportunities to spread the Three Angels’ Messages.

The trend of increased freedoms is our opportunity to spread present truth, while the world grows ever more dangerous day after day.