Prophetic Times

Iran and Nuclear Weapons

Apr 2, 2012

By Jeff Wehr

Recent satellite images of an Iranian military facility show trucks and earth-moving vehicles at the site, indicating that crews were trying to clean it of radioactive traces possibly left by tests of a nuclear weapons trigger.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned against allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons in his speech to the AIPAC Convention in Washington, vowing to never let Israel live under the shadow of annihilation or gamble its security.

Right now, there are quite a few signs that intense military preparations are being made for war in the Middle East. If a war should take place between Israel and Iran, it could escalate into something much larger, both militarily and economically. If the flow of oil were seriously crippled it could seriously hinder any economic recovery in the US, Japan, and Europe. And of course, one of the signs of the end is the loss of our temporal prosperity.