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Nov 16, 2011

Dr. Baier, a dentist, had been struggling with health issues for a while. Concerned for his health and the welfare of his family, he and his wife began searching for someplace that could help him determine what was wrong, and improve his health as naturally as possible. Upon hearing about Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC), they decided to give it a try. When the 18-day session concluded, the results excited the Baiers. Today, Dr. Baier is healthy, and his wife Laurie is an enthusiastic promoter of the plant-based diet. She actively conducts several health programs for her community. Because of their love for health, they invited the LEC team during to speak the weekend of November 12-13 at their home church in Richmond, Virginia. Our program included the Sabbath school class, church service, an afternoon meeting, a cooking class, and a health lecture.

The Sabbath school attendees listened attentively to Maria Gligor, the LEC director, as she shared the eight laws of health, and how those principles have been taught the Bible for centuries. Science has now just begun to show forth the evidence of these Bible guidelines.

Following Sabbath school, Matthew Farley, male therapist for the LEC and Hartland College Pastoral Evangelism major, preached a sermon titled “What Are You Tasting?” Before 250 people, he presented a powerful, straight-to-the-point message about diseases being directly caused by the personal choices we make each day. The core of the message was the love of Christ, and how He sacrificed his life, and thus we should be willing to sacrifice any addictions and unhealthy foods in our lives. The message struck home, and many people were blessed by what he shared. Even the youth were inspired. A mother told us that her child wanted Matthew to “Please come be our pastor.” Matthew even received the opportunity to speak on the side to the young people on how to overcome addictions such as video games. The sentiments of many of the youth were “Please, come host an evangelistic series!” and “Come, tell us more about the fundamentals of our Church.”

That afternoon, Maria delivered a lecture about the immune system followed by a question and answer session.

A crowd of 45 attendees arrived Sunday. The meetings started with a cooking class taught by Julieta Tano, Hartland Health Ministry graduate, and Natasha Towns, female therapist for the LEC and Health Ministry major. They demonstrated how to prepare various healthy yet delicious dishes, especially entrées that would be nice for the holiday season. You could tell that the people were into the class, for they were very active and asked lots and lots of questions. Then, after the cooking demonstrations were finished, Maria lectured on nutrition, focusing on how to make a transition in one’s diet, and have a variety so they will be able to get efficient amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc. Finally—the best part of all—they tasted the food that had been demonstrated before them. They loved it! Many could not get over how tasty it was, and that it was all plant-based.

God greatly blessed, and the results were more then we could have possibly hoped for. At the very place where we held the cooking class, we were invited to another church—with over 400 members—to give the same presentation! God is good, and when you faithfully use the talents you have and share what you know, He will always open more doors for your ministry.

By Matthew Farley and Natasha Towns