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Learning to Live Again!

Sep 24, 2010

Lifestyle medicine reverses diabetes for Gina Lupton.

Lifestyle medicine reverses diabetes for Gina Lupton

What is it like to be diabetic for fifteen years? The developing pain and numbness in my lower limbs kept me from walking more than 40 feet. The weight piled on and strained my back; retinopathy of the eyes damaged my vision. I maxed out on medications to 190 units of insulin and 2,000 mg of diabetes medication daily. As each day passed, I was just waiting to die.

I needed help and half-heartedly looked at different lifestyle centers where I could find it. Then I met a lady who went to the Hartland Lifestyle Education Center, only a five-hour drive from home. She left the impression that not only did her health improve, but she also received spiritual and emotional healing. I called the number she gave, but only the answering machine picked up. Too discouraged to keep trying, I soon hung up. I’m so glad the director, Maria Gligor, called back five minutes later and encouraged me to come.

When I finally arrived, I could only walk across the parking lot before the pain stopped me. I was a pasty, dour, and miserable creature! Nevertheless, Maria motivated me to walk 50 steps more each day. Today, I walk over a mile. It’s a miracle! My husband is shocked and awed at the transformation because I look happy and I am happy. I feel alive!

There were struggles. As a “meat and potatoes person,” I didn’t eat vegetables or fruit. The thought of going to a lifestyle center where there would be nothing to eat but these items terrified me! Instead, the mouth-watering food they served surprised me. I loved the flavors; I enjoyed everything! Eating became a delicious, health-giving experience.

The results? Initial lab work found my white blood cell count at 12,000, signaling an infection, but it came down to 5,500 in only 18 days. I also lost 25 pounds. All the lab results showed great progress, and I am now down to only 45 units of insulin.

Coming to the lifestyle center definitely improved my health, but I also needed to be healed spiritually. That has happened largely as a result of the influence of the staff and students. These dedicated young people love the Lord; being surrounded with their energy filled me, fed me, and led me back to His arms.

I praise God for His goodness. I’m not just existing anymore, but I’m learning to live again. If you or someone you know needs help with diabetes, tell them to find a place where they can get help—and I suggest, by experience, that they come here!