Lifestyle Center

Geraldine’s Perfect Opportunity

Apr 1, 2009

“For years I wanted to attend Hartland’s lifestyle program.”

Geraldine Barlip was one of five health guests who participated in the first 18-day session at Hartland’s new Lifestyle Education Center (LEC). “I knew about Hartland and its lifestyle program a long time ago, and I had wanted to come for years,” she says, “but it never worked out until now.”

Geraldine had been battling high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and diabetes—all stemming from her weight problem. “I had a lot of anxiety because I thought I needed to be everything to everyone. I finally figured out that I can’t help anybody else unless I help myself.” She knew she needed to exercise, but her sedentary job made it difficult. Hartland’s lifestyle education program provided the perfect opportunity.

At first, Geraldine’s body rebelled at the new exercise routine. Every muscle in her body screamed, “What are you doing to me?” But Geraldine is no quitter. She persevered, and the more she exercised, the better she felt. By the end of the session, she had lost 11 pounds, and according to her, that was “just a start.” “Now I have an exercise plan,” she says. “I’m not going to sit and think about it; I’m just going to do it.”

Her blood glucose and cholesterol levels also went down, as well as her anxiety. “I just love it here. Everybody’s so loving, caring, and attentive. I’m not stressed anymore. I feel much stronger and more able to handle things. I’ve got a lot of cookbooks and easy, delicious recipes now, so I’ll be cooking more.”

Perhaps most importantly, Geraldine was spiritually energized. “Because of all these things that I had before—my stress, my being overwhelmed, and everything else, the Lord was just pushed to the side. He was in my heart, but not in my mind. But now I’ve learned to put Him first, and I’ve gotten much closer to Him. I thank God for that.”