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Are You Seeking Better Health?

You have just taken the first step in your Lifestyle to Health program! Making simple, permanent changes in your lifestyle will make a profound impact upon your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC) is committed to assisting you with implementing the important health principles that lead to restoration and maintenance of optimum health.

Located on 760 wooded acres in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the LEC offers a comprehensive 10- or 18-day program, staffed by a full complement of caring, trained health educators and lay people. The health facility includes a complete hydrotherapy and massage department, exercise room, mini-sauna, and a kitchen for cooking instruction in vegetarian cuisine.

Stress management techniques exercised during brisk walks along the scenic lanes throughout the estate will fill you with renewed vigor. You will find yourself surrounded by clean air and a restful environment, where plenty of pure water is available. Most experience a wonderful enrichment in their relationship with God as they begin to walk in harmony with His principles of health and truly establish faith and trust in Him.

For decades we have heard many plain directives about what to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. Now it is time to learn how to do it! We are glad you are willing to consider allowing the LEC team the opportunity to share this life-changing program with you.

For more specific details, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions, or call our toll-free number, 1-800-763-9355.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Angela Pulley,
Program Director

Last Updated Nov 10, 2014

“Your God Has Delivered You”

Mar 4, 2015

My doctor was amazed when my cancer disappeared!
by Karla Dolores as told to Rachel Perry

In 2011, I started having debilitating stomach pain. Two years later, after seeing 15 doctors and going through eight surgeries, I found out my cancer from eight years ago had come back. My doctor insisted that I get chemotherapy, but I said, “No. Let me go to the Lifestyle Education Center (LEC) at Hartland, and the cancer will disappear.”

“Okay,” he finally relented, “but it’s not going to disappear.”

I had gone through the LEC program in 2006 the first time I was diagnosed with cancer, and for five years I had strictly followed the new lifestyle they taught me. But then the economy went bad and finances changed, so I wasn’t able to follow the program as strictly. A biopsy later revealed that my liver was leaking, and I think that might have re-activated the cancer.

So I returned to the LEC, because I knew that God’s natural remedies work. The staff were wonderful. They prayed with me and gave me a lot of treatments. The hydrotherapy and sauna treatments were especially effective, as well as the nutritious food. I didn’t always like everything, but I knew it was necessary for my health. I thank God for the prayers and support of my family, friends, and church family during this time. I had many people praying for me throughout the country.

When I returned home, my doctor wanted to see me. After a checkup, he called me into his office. “Your cancer has disappeared!” he exclaimed. “What did you do? Where did you go?”

“I went to the place I told you about.”

“Your God has delivered you,” he admitted reverently. “Continue doing what you’re doing, and continue to do what they told you to do.” Now the hospital staff have started praying together, and they want to implement the regimen from Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center. “You are a living testimony,” they tell me.

My experience is proof that the Divine Doctor is the best! I’ve learned that when I combine trust in God with doing what I know, then God can work.*

If you have a health problem, come to Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center. You will come away a changed person—physically and spiritually!

Karla Dolores, health guest
*While the Hartland Lifestyle Education Center supports the judicious use of modern medicine, it also supports educating oneself on the causes of disease and preventing or addressing diseases using nature’s remedies. We have witnessed many positive long-term outcomes through the wise application of nature’s remedies: exercise, diet, rest, proper hydration, self-control, pure air, the healing properties of sunlight, and trust in God.



I Stuck with It!

Dec 12, 2014

Two years later, David Hinson is still losing weight, still practicing what he learned.

by David Hinson as told to Rachel Perry

My Hartland experience is one of the most positive adventures of my life. I came in with bad health due to poor lifestyle choices. I weighed 387 pounds, had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and was getting to the point where I almost couldn’t walk. I felt like the rusted-out Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. My knee didn’t work, my back was out, my shoulders were displaced, and I was close to losing my legs. I figured that in about six months, I’d probably be dead.
But praise God, Hartland Lifestyle Education Center put me on the right path to health and saved my life. I had been fighting the whole diet thing all my adult life, but I finally stopped fighting. The staff and students were by my side the entire time, encouraging me on the road to recovery, walking with me, and expressing genuine friendship and concern about my life. One day at a time, little by little, the weight came off, and I got more and more excited. After only 11 days, able to kneel down and pray for the first time in three years!
In my 18 days at Hartland I lost 44 pounds. I got off insulin, I got rid of three of my five blood pressure pills, and my feet fit in my slippers for the first time in six months! I went home with a determination to stick with it, to keep walking and eating right, to keep losing weight.
It has been two years since then, and I have now lost a total of 130 pounds. Now instead of staying in the house all day I walk three to six miles, six days a week. I can breathe normally again. I feel 30 years younger!
To overcome health challenges people need direction. Don’t just get help from people who will give you medicine to cover your symptoms. Go to Hartland like I did and let someone show you how to change your lifestyle, improve your health, and get off medication because your body has set itself right again.



Forever Grateful

Sep 8, 2014

Dear Hartland,
I had a smoking addiction for 40 years and spent 20 of those years trying to quit. One day, I requested my church to pray for me that I would be delivered from this stronghold. Two members of the Warrenton Seventh-day Adventist Church expressed to me how the Hartland Lifestyle Center could help me with my struggle and that the center had a very high success rate in assisting people with finding the right balance in life, with God being the center.

I went to the center for the 10-day session. The experience was wonderful and intensive. The atmosphere was very peaceful and tranquil. The lectures were very informative and the cooking classes showed me how easy it was to prepare healthy food to stay in good health. The Hartland Lifestyle Center’s amazing staff supported me through the entire program with compassion and guidance and prayer each day. Most of all, to be around such wonderful, kind, loving, caring, supportive, dedicated, God-loving young people made me feel so special, like I was family, and they cared about me. They will be my heroes and mentors forever.
The life principles I was taught through diet, prayer, and exercise were very easy for me to continue after leaving the program. The length of time spent there was just enough time for me to establish the new godly habits and to be free from strongholds. So when I got home, I was ready each morning to start my day the way I was shown at Hartland (prayer, water, morning stretches/exercises, good healthy breakfast, and a godly attitude towards life).

My life has been forever changed through my experience at Hartland, and I am forever an advocate for the amazing work and support provided through the lifestyle center. Another success story!

May God continue to change lives through the Hartland Lifestyle Center.

Sincerely, Velma Harris


The Next Level for Doing Health Outreach

Aug 11, 2014

Participants give us their feedback on our advanced medical missionary training course.

It was helpful to learn some of the natural treatments for cancer, because it’s a major health concern and people want other options. Learning about the herbs, first aid, and the correct way of eating were also good. I learned some things about eating that I’m going to change. Also, from the talks about the various ways Jesus healed, I learned that healing includes the mind and the soul. So I want to do some things differently with my patients.—Adina, Physical Therapist

I enjoyed the presentations on cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. I also enjoyed the exercise every morning and the hands-on experience making poultices and learning to give fever baths. Being a nurse, I see a lot of sickness treated with medication but not lifestyle changes. I’m also a nursing educator and I will, by the Lord’s grace, give students and patients more information on the eight laws of health.—Usha, Registered Nurse

Even though I’d taken some of the classes before, I learned many new things, especially on herbology and insulin. Insulin resistance causes obesity and heart failure. And the first aid class made me realize that we all need to be certified. You never know when you’ll need to help someone. If you know what to do at the right moment, then you can save lives. Most of Jesus’ ministry was healing, and we need to follow His example.—Ed, General Contractor

I was stunned the most by the talks on pH balance, vegan dieting, and the Ten Commandments from the spiritual and medical viewpoints. The lifestyle has to change. And I really got to see the connection between healing and reaching people for Jesus. I work with about eight people who are experiencing physical or emotional problems. People in pain really don’t want to hear about the Lord or do Bible studies—they want to get well. But when you’re able to help them through their pain and they feel better, then they’re ready to hear about God’s love, what they should be doing to be healthy, and the need for a relationship with Christ.—Brenda, Retired English Teacher



Take a Deep Breath!

May 22, 2014

Blanch learned new ways to cope with stress-induced anxiety and asthma attacks.
by Kevin Wahl

“I never had health problems before. But before coming to Hartland, I had difficulty breathing due to extraordinary stress I’d been under, and I just couldn’t deal with it,” relates Blanch Radish. “I had panic attacks, and I could just walk a few feet and would feel out of breath. Also, I have congestion in my lungs. I just developed some allergies and probably asthma.”

What has happened since Blanch arrived? “They’ve been giving me poultices to relieve the congestion in my lungs. In less than a couple days, my feeling of breathlessness completely went away. And that was what worried me the most. They’ve worked very professionally to help me out of it.”

Blanch describes her experience at Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC). The atmosphere is “very peaceful, very comfortable, and right next to nature—just plain beautiful. And it’s totally stress free here.

“The staff and students are just absolutely wonderful—the most outstanding people I’ve ever met. They do anything you want. If you need something, you name it, you got it.”

What about the information she learned in the lectures and cooking demonstrations? “Although I’ve been studying health for 50 years, I always learn something new about it, and I’m amazed at that. It’s like picking up the Bible.”

Hartland’s “Lifestyle to Health” program has changed her life. “I’m more aware of the detrimental effects of stress. I didn’t think they applied to me because I’ve always been such a peaceful Christian. It’s pretty dramatic to go from feeling okay to not being able to breathe properly. And I think that is residual from the stress.”

What does Blanch plan do when returning home? “I’ll continue the vegan diet. The food here is really, really good, and I loved the opportunity I had to work in the kitchen, learn the recipes, and see how it’s all done. So I will incorporate some of that cooking skill and knowledge about the food.
“I’ll definitely get back on my exercise program. I know that fresh air and sunshine are important. I have a garden, so that’s not too big a problem. And there’s always work to do outside, such as raking leaves.”

Would Blanch encourage others to come to Hartland’s LEC? “Oh, I certainly would—for the education, the treatment, and the professionalism of all the staff. It just could not possibly be better. They all actually care. That makes it so different.” Blanch concludes with tears in her voice, “I’m sure going to miss the people. I’m going to miss them.”



Changing My Ways

Apr 2, 2014

“Better lifestyle habits bring better health,” states LaJoya Assent.
by LaJoya Assent as told to Kevin Wahl

I knew that my eating habits were not conducive to good health, and I really wanted to start doing better. I also have liver disease, and I knew that my lifestyle habits—lack of exercise, lack of sleep—were contributing to depression. So I started an exercise routine. Yet for other reasons, I still needed a new start and help to get going. I did an internet search for Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle centers and realized that Hartland is right here in Virginia, only about an hour and a half away.

While I can’t say the cleansing process—three days on a juice fast—was easy, it was definitely necessary to give me a fresh start and help me to get over my addictions to fatty and sugary foods. The vegan food we prepared and ate was delicious! Now I eat healthier food and actually look forward to cooking. I lost 10 pounds and no longer feel fatigued.

My experience at Hartland was a very pleasant one. It reminded me to be welcoming and to show God’s love to everyone, regardless of what they look like on the outside and not to make assumptions about anyone’s relationship with God based on appearances.

The staff is extremely friendly—from the nursing staff to the lifestyle center leadership to the students. I was especially fortunate to meet several young women and men who have dedicated their lives to serving God and others. They blessed me with their service and worship services. Tina Aquino was my therapist. She represented Christ well through her patience, her down-to-earth personality, and in making me feel comfortable around her.
The atmosphere was beautiful, calm, and quiet—a welcome change from what I am used to at times. I was very thankful to be able to get away from work and the hustle and bustle of the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and to just inhale and exhale fresh air and observe nature.

I would encourage those who have the same health challenges as I did to come to Hartland. I would even encourage those who consider themselves healthy to come. There is always something new to learn about improving your health and life.

I’m glad I attended Hartland’s “Lifestyle to Health” program. I now have more energy and enthusiasm, and I spend more time getting to know God and trusting in Him.


Easing the Pressure

Feb 4, 2014

Healthy living has lowered Scott’s blood pressure and given him spiritual rest.

“I’d been on the internet looking for places to help me get my blood pressure lowered,” shares Scott Frost, who has suffered from “very high blood pressure for 10 years.” He found Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC).

Scott also relates, “I’ve taken blood pressure meds in the past, but I didn’t like how they made me feel, so when the prescription ran out, I quit taking them.” So after he dropped the meds, what did he do to keep his blood pressure from getting too high? “I’d drink some celery juice and avoid salts and sodium and so on, but it wasn’t a good way to do it. I wanted to get my blood pressure down completely.”

What has happened since he came to the LEC? “I’ve done very well. My blood pressure went down from 202/128 to 150/108. But one night I had a relapse, and it was 178/112. So they had me eat some steamed garlic and do a little bit of juicing, and then it was 150/110. I’ve gotten a lot of good exercise, changed my eating style to vegan, and I did some more juicing. Today my blood pressure is 142/102.” Did he enjoy the exercises? “Yes, I liked them all—the elliptical machine, treadmill, bicycle.”

Scott continues, “I’ve had an excellent experience here. The atmosphere is very supportive, giving, and godly. I’m very impressed with the staff. They’ve been very helpful, giving, and kind. The students here are learning the health-care message and are planning on going to different countries to spread the gospel, and I’ve been very impressed with them. They’re very spiritual.

“The quarters are very nice and clean, and they cook very good food here, so I’m very pleased.” Speaking of food, any favorite dishes? “They made a really, really good [vegan] pizza—extremely delicious. I’d take that over real pizza any day.

Would Scott encourage someone else with high blood pressure to come to Hartland’s LEC? “Yes, I would—very much so. I really believe Hartland is here by the grace of God. Not only do we get to come here and get physically better, but our mental and spiritual way of life changes.”

Scott tells us that Hartland’s “Lifestyle to Health” program has “made me realize I never took God’s health plan seriously, and it’s made me realize that I need to get back to the basics.” What does he plan to do when he returns home? “I’d like to start eating healthier, taking time out to do some exercise, and sharing the message with other people.”



Training to Do Health Outreach

Feb 3, 2014

Participants give us their feedback on our medical missionary training course.

“I liked the cooking classes most of all. The poultice class was very interesting, and I loved learning hydrotherapy. Before reaching my community, I need to make sure I am obedient to the eight laws of health. I’ll also help my family. Then I see myself doing health fairs and cooking classes.”—Kashae, Registered Nurse

“I enjoyed the hands-on experience, the emphasis on the eight laws of health, and the wealth of knowledge I received. As a wife and mother, I have a great amount of responsibility for my family’s well-being. I want to be a better provider of nutrition, and I want to help take care of our medical issues more at home rather than going to the doctor. I also hope to share my knowledge with the others in our health department at my church.”—Michelle, Medical Coding and Billing

“I liked learning about the health laws and how we can use them to help others. I want to share what I learned with my family, friends, community, and my church. If anybody really wants to learn to do medical missionary work, they should come to Hartland.”—Efren, Mechanic, New Holland Dealership

“The cooking class taught me how I can eat healthier without eating meat, and how to bake using the basic things I already have in my house. The kitchen medicine class was really good, too. God gave us everything—the herbs, the fruits, the vegetables—to sustain our lives. My church needs this kind of eye-opener. I want to teach others about health.”—Joyce, Mental Health Department


No Surgery for Me!

Feb 3, 2014

Efren chose natural remedies to keep his heart beating.
by Kevin Wahl

“I had chest pain and couldn’t breathe right. My heart kept skipping a beat. Two of my arteries were clogged,” shares Efren Rodriguez. Doctors warned him: “You need to have surgery—we need to put a stent in—and it needs to be done right away. You could have a heart attack any minute. There’s nothing out there that will cure you.”

But a still small voice told Efren, “No, don’t have surgery. You need to do something else.”

Efren came to Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC) in October. At least one month before coming, he went on a raw diet. Efren says, “I had heard of natural remedies and treatments, and then I decided to go to Hartland for 18 days.” When he arrived, his LDL (bad cholesterol) read 139.
The way the LEC prepared the food and had everything scheduled proved a wonderful experience for Efren. “I started drinking juices. I did feel a little bit weak at the beginning because your body starts making changes. But as days went on, I finished drinking juices, started eating raw food and later cooked food, and I noticed I was losing weight. I felt lighter and I could move more easily, so I kept exercising and going for long walks.

“And I began to appreciate the food more. I learned a lot about how to cook, what not to cook, how to mix things, and what not to mix—like not mixing fruits and vegetables.”

Efren relates his exercise experience: “We got up early and did our stretches and exercises. The more I walked, the more the pain went away. So I started walking around the property. I started going to the front entrance and back [1 mile]. Then I went all the way to Highway 15 and back [3.8 miles], and I didn’t have back pain anymore.”

When the session ended, Efren’s LDL had dropped to 124, and he had lost 11 pounds. One month later, he tells us, “I’m on the same program—eating the same way and drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, doing stretches, walking, and studying the Bible. I had to put two more holes in my belt.

“Anyone should go to Hartland—not just those with the same health challenges, but people with other health issues, too.”

Efren concludes, “I feel the difference, not having that pain and exhaustion anymore. I didn’t want to go through surgery. And going to the LEC helped me in every way—physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’m glad I made that choice.”


Five-day Transformation

Jan 20, 2014

“I never thought I could quit smoking so quickly!”

by Gillian Bethel

Jody Veler searched for an inpatient smoking cessation program for over a year until she stumbled across Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC) via the internet. She describes her former smoking and eating habits as “out of control.”
“Over the years, you say to yourself, ‘I really need to stop this,’ but it just never happens. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do it on my own,” she admits. Jody describes leaving her old habits behind as “challenging” and “nerve-racking,” but the atmosphere at the LEC soon dispelled her fears.
“It was very loving, very Christian. No matter what you need, somebody in the staff will go out of their way to make sure your needs are met, even if it’s someone to sit with and pray with and hold your hand. They really go above and beyond anything you can expect anywhere else.”
Although Jody expected a vegan diet, she was startled to find out a juice fast and lemon water fast was in her program to help overcome nicotine craving. “I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to handle it, but the day I drank nothing but lemon water I was never hungry. Now I’m the lemon water queen! I’m never without a jar of it in my hand—it cuts my craving for nicotine.”
Not only did Jody quit smoking during her stay, she experienced other benefits. “I feel lighter—I’ve lost eight pounds in four days. I’m not wheezing like I was when I got here, and my physical fitness has improved because every day we’ve gone for walks.”
Asked how the program has changed her life, Jody promptly responds, “You know what? I feel a lot closer to God since I got here. I feel so much calmer and more joyous and my outlook on everything is just brighter. Even when we’re doing something I don’t like, it doesn’t bother me because I know that it’s going to be good in the end. This is God’s plan—what God intended for us—and it’s going to work out really well if you just do this little sacrifice. You know you have this great big reward at the end of it!”
Would Jody recommend the program to others? “I would greatly encourage everyone to come here. There’s so much knowledge that you’re given over the course of four or five days. I can’t wait for the bigger lifestyle center to reopen so that you can take twice as many people!”