Health Education Center / Lifestyle Center

You are invited to invest in the health and education of Hartland students and Health Guests. 

After 17 years of operation, the Hartland Wellness Center building was in need of refurbishing to address structural damage and aging systems. As a result, the Board of Directors of Hartland Institute of Health and Education voted to take a step further and redevelop the building into a multi-use health facility incorporating health and midwifery training classrooms, a birthing center, and a lifestyle and community education center. The new project is called the Health Education Center (HEC).

Health Education Center / Lifestyle Center

Updated on November 16, 2016

This three-stage project is now underway under the management of Joseph Goins, Institute Treasurer, together with Kevin Wagner, Plant Services Manager. The Wagner-Goins team manages a group of skilled, licensed, local contractors. Stage one is now complete, and college health and midwifery classes are underway in the new “Education Wing”. Stage two is nearly complete, and the Lifestyle Center will resume its revenue-generating operation in the completed portion of the building in February 2017. Health guests will receive massage and hydrotherapy treatments in the education wing until stage three is completed. The third and final stage includes the renovation and equipping of exam, massage, exercise, and guest hydrotherapy rooms. It will also complete offices and additional health guest accommodations and birthing center facilities. The cost for this final stage is estimated at $480,000.

During its use, the original Hartland Wellness Center building served over 1,300 guests. Once restored, the upgraded Hartland Lifestyle Education Center under the management of director Angela Pulley will have the capacity to accept approximately 140 health guests annually, and the college will be able to offer state-licensed midwifery training and birthing services in a purpose-designed setting.

When received, the funds requested will provide capital means to complete the HEC project and begin full operations in the building.  This includes moving the Lifestyle Center from its temporary location in the Ladies’ Dorm (the Lifestyle Center Staff currently have to turn away interested patrons due to limited space in the ladies’ dorm) to the renovated building-an exciting event for the girls who are in dire need of getting their dorm space back.

Phase 1 and 2 Cost (already covered) $620,000
Phase 3 Cost $480,000
Total Project Cost $1,100,000
Individual and corporate contributions 2013–16 for phases 1 and 2 to-date $286,140
Hartland board member contributions*: 2013–16 for phases 1 and 2 $32,385
Funding to be solicited for phase 3 to be solicited from non-profit $70,000
Funding for phase 3 solicited from a corporate donor $300,000
Phase 3 funding goal from individual and Board member contributions $110,000

*Hartland's Board is primarily comprised of stipendiary Hartland staff and/or other missionary or denominational workers.