Youth, Do You Dare?

Lighting the fire for service in Puerto Rico.

By Kendi Callender

In today’s world, young people often look to their peers more than to their parents. Although this trend can have detrimental effects, the power of influence can also be used in reaching them for Christ. With this in mind, Hartland College has a ministry called Youth, Do You Dare? (YDYD). Our goal is to influence young people to know Christ personally and to reach the world for Him.

For the first time in YDYD’s existence, the ministry (made up of five students and five staff) left the States and flew to Puerto Rico. We spent 10 days visiting churches, schools, and other venues, sharing tips on how to study the Bible and apply its truths in a relevant way.

“This mission trip was full of challenges, trials, and opportunities to use our talents for God’s work,” says Ferdi Sastropawiro, a staff sponsor. While presenting at Bella Vista Academy, he learned something important: “It was a perfect occasion for us to grow as a team and get everyone involved. Even my five-year-old son, Diego, used his talent of origami in one of our seminars to show God’s love in creation. It’s sometimes easy to overlook the youth, but I’m so thankful that God doesn’t.”

YDYD also spent time discussing the meaning of real Christianity with a worship group at Antillean University. “We learned so much together,” says Willy Yonas, a student member. “It was a blessing to search the Scriptures with them and find truth that we can incorporate in our lives.”

“Love for service was our motive to keep going,” says Alexi Garcia, the current president of YDYD. He recalls the special time spent with patients of the Bella Vista Seventh-day Adventist Hospital: “I still remember the smiles from the patients and their families, and even hospital staff, as we played the ukulele and sang Scripture songs to them.” We also gave them Last Generation magazines as a reminder that God is still with them through difficult times.

YDYD has a burden for the youth in the Adventist Church to be lights for the Lord. If you desire this ministry to come to your church, please visit our website,, or contact us at Thank you for your support and ongoing prayers for YDYD!

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