Strengthening Our Team

Hartland welcomes two new staff members and their families.

By Jamie Whitaker

From its beginning, Hartland Institute has sought to form and maintain a strong staff team having the knowledge, willingness, and ability to operate according to God’s blueprint for our schools. This spring, the Lord sent two more individuals to strengthen our team.

Giancarlo Miranda, from São Paulo, Brazil, immigrated to Canada as a teenager, where he became a Seventh-day Adventist in 2001. Four years later he enrolled at Hartland College. During summer and winter breaks, he became a skilled student colporteur leader. After graduating in 2010 with a degree in pastoral evangelism, Giancarlo pursued his calling to educate young people for ministry in his home country. He worked two years at Taquara Institute (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) as academic dean and Bible teacher. After that, he founded Santo’s Evangelistic Training Institute, an agricultural missionary training school in Espírito Santo, Brazil. He served the institute as president and Bible teacher for five years. Today the school has proven to be a success, having a steadily increasing enrollment and 27 graduates to date.

Giancarlo is now the assistant academic dean for Hartland College and a Bible teacher. With his wife Tatiana and daughter Sofia, Giancarlo says, “We are happy to become part of the Hartland family and ministry.”

Matz Groschel, also from Brazil, immigrated to the US as a teenager and has extensive experience in management, maintenance, logistics, auto mechanics, the lumber industry, and construction. He comes to us from Taquara Institute, where he recently served as administrative director. Matz is passionate about providing every student with a thorough vocational training. His goal is to fit each graduate to take up some type of trade where he or she can be self-supporting while doing ministry.

“We have the resources here for agricultural and related industries to succeed,” Matz asserts. We believe he has the potential to help all areas of the Vocational Division, including establishing industries. He plans to begin by organizing and managing our plant services, grounds, and auto shop. We are most grateful to have him and his wife Emilia on our team!

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