Soon-to-be Doctor

Luisa learns new ways to serve through Loma Linda Campestre.*

By Freddy (’06) and Connie Castro

“I don’t want to be a ‘half-time’ doctor, because I now see that people need more thorough care,” says Luisa, a medical student in Colombia. “My life goal as a doctor is to help people regardless of their financial situation. I desire to work with a small population in a country setting, getting to know my patients and strengthening prevention of disease through a holistic lifestyle approach.”

Luisa grew up in a Catholic family. “I was fascinated to know the reasons for everything,” she remembers. She advanced through her education quickly, graduating from high school at the age of 15. Now, at 22, she is on track to graduate as a medical doctor.

“Growing up, I felt emptiness, a missing piece,” she shares. “This made me think that our immense world had to exist through a great power which I had not learned of. I began looking for God, which is why I turned to science—to learn more about the human body and His marvelous work of creation. I began reading the Bible and finding answers to my questions.”

When we met Luisa two years ago, we invited her to teach anatomy and physiology at Loma Linda Campestre (LLC) in exchange for training in massage and natural remedies. Luisa is currently working with LLC, providing massage therapy in hotels and homes.

“Freddy and Connie have taught me simple health methods to love and serve humanity. I have realized that my patients have a greater need—one I cannot meet as a physician. I have begun pointing them to our Creator, the Person we can really depend on. People will always look to physicians to cure illness. But if I can point my patients to God and help them acquire hope in Him, then I feel I have done my work.

“I would like to serve God through ADRA,** doing what I love most. The greatest tribute we can give God is to care for His greatest work of creation: humanity. The possibilities of improving other people’s lives through Him are infinite.”

Luisa is taking Bible studies, and she has been excercising incredible faith in all she has learned thus far. Please keep her in your prayers!

*Loma Linda Campestre is an alumni project supported through Lord, Send Me.

**Adventist Development and Relief Agency

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