My Goal, My Vision

“I aim to pioneer a school that will give quality education to those seeking missionary training in my country.”

By Michael Kusarawana as told to Kevin Wahl

When I became a full-time medical missionary, I met a pastor from New York who was conducting an evangelistic series in Zimbabwe. I explained to him my vision for medical missionary work and my intention to study in the US at one of the self-supporting institutions.

The pastor mentioned Hartland College. He requested my contact details, promising to send them to Hartland upon his return to the US, which he did. Today, thanks to the Missionary Training Fund, I’m a pastoral evangelism student minoring in health.

To me, Hartland is different from any other institution. It gives me a practical approach to education, prepares me spiritually, and develops my mind. Also, interacting with the other students precipitates new ideas and a different perspective of the world around me.

This institution is giving me tools to work in the gospel medical missionary field. My religion classes challenge my mind to do deep Bible study. And Anatomy and Physiology class—it’s so practical! It gives me a different perspective on the human body. Also, working in the lifestyle center exposes me to the kind of people I’ll be working with when I’m in the field. So this is a balanced approach for my ministry.

Other vocational training has also brought balance to my definition of ministry. I’ve been able to learn various trades, such as marketing, sales, and bookkeeping, which will help sustain me while doing gospel work.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned at Hartland is total surrender. Through education, trials, and practical work, I’ve learned to give all to God and to know that He is in control; I am His instrument.

After finishing Hartland, I aim to pioneer a self-supporting school and lifestyle center in my country, training young people to illuminate the world by combining the gospel with medical missionary work. This is my goal, this is my vision.

Only eternity will reveal the lives changed by those of you who sponsor missionaries through the Missionary Training Fund. The names of many whom you have never met will be in the kingdom as stars on your crown. Your gifts changed my life. I want to utilize what I’ve learned here to change the lives of others.

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