A New Life of Service

I pled with God to use me in His service. His answer came from across the world.

By Rafael Kopke

As a young Christian in Brazil, I confronted daily pressure and harassment at work. One day during a break, I knelt in despair and cried, imploring the Lord to send me to a place where I could work serving Him. God’s answer arrived from across the world. A group of Hartland students came to Brazil on a mission trip, organized by Diego Silva and Brian Beavers. Without me telling them my struggles, God touched their hearts to invite me to attend Hartland.

Hartland provided a place free from worldly dangers and distractions. It became a home to me, with a loving Christian family and spiritual nourishment that enhanced my relationship with Jesus.

Being among other focused young people with a common goal influenced me to adopt a different Christian lifestyle. I was encouraged to wake up early to study my Bible and spend time in prayer. After hearing daily sermons prepared by peers, I lost my fear of public speaking and making mistakes. Practical training helped me acquire many other new skills, such as repairing my car or fixing the washing machine. The vegan diet cleared my mind, renewed my energy, and strengthened my health. I became a new person.

My previous experience with computers encouraged me to choose the Christian Publications/Media Management major. Through magazines, videos, audio, websites, and many other upcoming technologies, the “almost impossible” mission to preach the gospel to the world becomes a tangible reality for this generation. I’ve learned new ways to reach people for Christ, and currently God has opened the door through my work to reach thousands for Him.

After graduating and getting married, my wife and I prayed continually, asking God to guide us to where He would like us to serve Him next. One day a call came, and today I serve the Lord as graphic designer for Young Disciple magazine, using the skills I learned at Hartland.

The greatest thing one can expect from Hartland is not only to gain a focused and awesome experience with the Lord, but also a valuable knowledge of oneself, of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Hartland College is a place that will fit you not only for mission, but for life.

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