A Door of Utterance

Nicole sees God's hand at work in her internship.

By Rachel Perry

Knock, knock, knock.

A bitter winter evening found Nicole Bertelli, a Bible instruction intern, in front of a door at an apartment complex. Feelings of discouragement threatened to overwhelm her, but recalling Bible promises strengthened her to move forward. She knew that God had brought her here.

In fact, her internship experience had been a leading of God’s providence. She hadn’t planned on interning in Michigan; she had been very certain of another site. Yet, just as her own plans fell through, she received a call from the pastor of the Battle Creek Tabernacle in Michigan: Would she come there as a Bible worker?

Now, she finds herself actively involved in Bible work and youth ministry in the Michigan Conference. Her responsibilities involve leading about twenty Bible studies, encouraging church members in outreach, teaching youth Sabbath School, and working with young people at the nearby Adventist academy.

“It is extremely rewarding to see God moving on people’s hearts,” she shares.

That’s exactly what happened that evening at the apartment complex. A Muslim gentleman, Mr. K, answered the door in answer to Nicole’s prayer to talk with someone from another faith group. Though the man refused Bible studies, he agreed to help Nicole fulfill a class assignment which required her to find out more about another religion and share her own beliefs.

As Nicole learned more about Mr. K and built a friendship with him, he became curious.

“Please, why did you knock on my door that day?” Mr. K inquired during their third meeting. Nicole’s work had impressed him and he wanted to know what motivated her.

Thus, the way opened for Nicole to share her own testimony. “I told him that the love of Jesus constrains me.” She shared with him the battle that she had faced to knock on doors that evening, but how God had strengthened her with the assurance that she was doing His work. “I also told him about my plans of becoming a missionary in a land where Christianity is not prominent.” She hopes she can continue witnessing to Mr. K.

“These [internship] experiences have confirmed my desire to serve God,” says Nicole. She anticipates working with unreached people groups in the future. Please keep Nicole in your prayers!

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