Purelight Mission School in Action

Students and staff from Purelight Mission conduct camps to train more workers.

by Simdumise Poswa '14, Dean of Purelight Missions Training Centre

“I feel like I have just gotten married to Christ,” Matsepo said, her face beaming with joy. She recently attended a mission camp in Mafikeng hosted by Purelight Missions and Last Generation Movement (LGM) and was baptized. “I am looking forward to living for Jesus and telling others about the things I learned at this camp.”

During the three-week mission camp, a group of 43 young people came from the North West and Gauteng Provinces. Five Purelight students worked with me to train the young people in evangelism, how to study the Bible, and medical missionary work. We visited homes in the village giving Bible studies, praying with those in need, and doing simple treatments. During the second and third weeks, we held an evangelistic series.

Purelight student Noxolo Sojola had the most bizarre experience. “Mary had all the symptoms of a pregnant woman, but the clinic and hospital both said she was not.” She had been in this condition for six months, and her belly was still growing. After we had visited her several times, she decided to attend our evening meetings. One evening Noxolo suggested, “Brother Sim, I think you should pray for Mary at the end of your message.” A few missionaries and I gathered around Mary and prayed for the Lord to intervene.

When we visited her the next day she was elated. “When I came back from the meetings last night, I went to the restroom and a lot came out,” she explained. “I don’t know what happened, but I feel light and free and my belly is going back to normal!” The next day the clinic confirmed that she no longer had pregnancy symptoms. “I want to join your church because I can see God is here,” said Mary. “I want to prepare for baptism.” We praise God for His miracle-working power.

During the mission camp, young people were challenged to be soul winners. Eight people were baptized, and others are preparing for baptism in 2017. Mafikeng District Pastor Bildad Keskeny said, “We are so thankful for the work you have done here. In 2017 we should do three mission camps and invite all the young people in the district.”

Only eternity will reveal all the people reached through the efforts of Purelight and LGM. We invite you to partner with us in helping to train more missionaries.

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