Another Plan

God turned Gustavo's dream into a life calling.

by Gillian Bethel

Gustavo was a high school student in Brazil with big dreams. In the evenings he worked at school fixing computers to earn money to buy his own powerful computer—“the dream of all geeks!” He also dreamed of going to college to specialize in computer science.

But during this time he was reading the Testimonies for the Church and coming closer to his Savior. Gustavo realized God was calling him to be a missionary to his own country using his talents in media to help churches and ministries.

He heard about Hartland from the graduates who started Taquara Institute of Health and Education. Deciding to apply for financial aid from the Missionary Training Fund, he prayed God would make it possible for him to study media here. Gustavo recalls, “A few weeks later, I received the answer: I had been accepted! I was so happy to see God’s providence.” But how would he finance getting to America? God had already taken care of that. “The money I made working for my school paid my plane ticket and other expenses. The Lord had another plan for my life even before I knew it!”

Gustavo enjoys the balance of classes and practical training he’s receiving. “Here at Hartland, I’m having a wonderful experience working with the Information Technology team. We take care of the campus network, fix electronics, and take care of the academic online system for students and teachers. Every week I learn new lessons that I'll use in my life calling.”

Has studying at Hartland meant he has had to delay his calling? No; he’s already doing media missionary work! “A brother recently explained to me his wish to start a video ministry over the internet. I’m currently helping him with this project. Another brother gave me an idea of creating a website with the story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. There are so many things to do! It reminds me of Matthew 9:37: ‘The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.’”

With a big smile Gustavo concludes, “I want to thank all the donors for opening the doors not only for me, but also for many foreign students to come and get training to go back and finish the work we’ve been called to do.”

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