Piedmont Changed My Life

Going to Piedmont made me realize a lot of things. My need for baptism was one of them.

by Leah Haesche

“You have to go to Piedmont!” my best friend told me as she shared her experiences from the previous week at camp. Hearing about a Seventh-day Adventist camp got me excited because I didn't have many friends, and church was my only social life.

Going to Piedmont Valley Youth Bible Camp for the first time was very interesting. I liked meeting all the smiling new people! If you asked me what my favorite class was, I could honestly say, “All of them.”

Over the years that I’ve attended Piedmont, I’ve taken classes in Choir, Science Experiments, Literature Evangelism, Child Evangelism, Drilling and Marching, Knot Tying, Medical Missionary Training, Creative Crafts, CPR and First Aid, Photography, Horsemanship, and Fitness Training. Learning in a godly environment made such a difference to me. Every class changed my perspective and taught me new ways of thinking.

I also learned a lot from Chuck Holtry, Hannah Rayne, Cody Francis, Eugene Prewitt, and other speakers during Deep Bible Study and Campfire. I know some kids didn’t like “all the Bible stuff,” but to me, it was so interesting to learn new things and hear other people’s viewpoints.

My counselors were very helpful, especially in their way of teaching. They strongly encouraged regular Bible study and devotions, yet I never felt pushed. I think that had a lot to do with my actually wanting to learn.

I always knew about God and intended to give my life to Him “when I get older,” but coming to camp every year has made it easier to understand Him and want to be with Him. Every year I get closer to Him, and last summer I was baptized; I can thank Piedmont for that.

I’m so glad that Hartland has been able to help me on my way Home. I would like to be a counselor in a few years and help others the same way that I’ve been helped. I plan to come back every year for Piedmont, or at least tell people about it!

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