Into All the World

Hartland students and staff were busy sharing the gospel during their winter break.

North India

by John Samuel

North India Mission TripA famous proverb states, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This was one of our goals—to equip Seventh-day Adventist Bible workers and volunteers to be effective fishers of men. The Lord led our team—Cody Francis, Peter Moses Jayakumar, Samuel Amirtharaj, and John Samuel—to New Delhi along with LIGHT* Ministry to train workers in health evangelism, personal evangelism, massage, hydrotherapy, the eight laws of health, last-day events, and the sanctuary. We also hosted a health expo where the workers applied what they were taught in the classes. These workers were encouraged, challenged, and trained to carry forward God’s work in the capital city of India.

We then went to the northeastern part of India to speak at the annual meeting of the Khasi-Jaintia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for about a week. Cody Francis was the main speaker, and we spoke during the morning devotions and seminars. The meetings were held outside in a big tent where the climate was very cold, but we saw hundreds of people attending and being blessed. We also witnessed people being reached through a health expo we hosted. We sincerely thank all who supported us, and those who hosted us in India. Above all, we thank the Lord for His protection and blessings!

*Lay Institute for Global Health Training


by Sabrina Petersen

Thailand Mission TripMoo Koh Paw is a Karen refugee in Thailand. When I met her, she was depressed, lacking vision for her future. However, her life began to change as she attended Sunshine Orchard, a mission school in Thailand. After being baptized, she continued with the school’s one-year Medical and Bible Outreach Training (MBT) program, which enabled her to become a missionary teacher among her own people.

Last school year when Moo Koh Paw was a student, a group from Hartland had the opportunity to supplement this program with Bible and midwifery classes. The directors of MBT were eager for the group to return this school year. Our group taught classes such as Laws of Health, Biblical Hermeneutics, Jungle Dentistry, and Mission Midwifery.

The mission trip was particularly special to me, since it was my third time working among the Karen refugees at Sunshine Orchard. Moo Koh Paw had been one of my close friends and English students. Thus, God gave me an incredible gift in allowing me to glimpse the transformation of her character and her newfound love for serving others. I’m thankful for the privilege of working with students and staff from Hartland to change the lives of Karen young people through the MBT program.

South Africa

by Kendi Callender

South Africa Mission TripWhat does it take to share the gospel with the world? Where should one go to accomplish the task of preaching, teaching, and healing? Simple. Go where the people are: your neighborhood, across the ocean, or an open field. God’s wandering children are waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

To this end, an international team of 14 volunteers—including Hartland staff, students, and graduates—came together in Butterworth and Soweto, South Africa. Collaborating with local churches, laymen, health professionals, and musical evangelists, H.E.A.L.* South Africa was formed to meet the needs of people suffering both physically and spiritually.

In Soweto, church members learned to operate a health expo. In addition, within two weeks, Butterworth experienced eight evangelistic campaigns and three health clinics, in which over 300 guests were helped and received instructions for healthier living. Thirty people accepted Christ and many others are interested. A follow-up week was devoted to encouragement, further Bible study, and medical help.

God worked profoundly. Coming together with one purpose, goal, and mind, we did as Christ commanded: Go into all the world, sharing the love of Jesus.

*Health and Evangelism for an Abundant Life

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