Late Nights and Weight Gain

Does staying up late make you fat?

Does staying up late make you fat? A recent study of teenagers and young adults found that getting to sleep an hour later at night was correlated with a 10 percent weight gain, across 5-year study period. This weight gain did not seem to be influenced by how much a person exercised, the amount of time they spent with digital screens, or how many hours they slept per night, according to the study. Rather, the data suggested that just the time a young person goes to bed could significantly influence weight gain. As adolescents transition into their teen years, their natural rhythms of sleeping and waking typically shift to later in the day. It seems, however, that maintaining an earlier bedtime could “set their weight on a healthier course” as they enter adulthood. “Late bedtimes could lead to weight gain,”  ScienceDaily,, October 1, 2015.

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