I Chose Hartland College Because...

What motivates young people to choose this unique little college in the hills of Virginia?

  • Alejandro Valera

    Hartland is a very good place to develop the physical, mental, and spiritual faculties together.

    Alejandro Valera, Colombia, Media Ministry
  • Magdala Clairvil

    I wanted to serve God without losing God. I wasn’t happy with what I was learning in my secular college. For 12 years I’d been praying that God would direct my path, and He did. Hartland fit my personal requirement to the letter. The Lord opened impossible doors to bring me here, and I’m so happy.

    Magdala Clairvil, Florida, USA, Bible Instruction/Midwifery
  • Asahel Marin

    I want to be a better Christian and a good missionary, and I am convinced that Hartland is following the right blueprint.

    Asahel Marin, California, USA, Health Ministry
  • Stephen Rajan

    Hartland is very biblical with a strong spiritual atmosphere. I’m learning how to be spiritually oriented to serve and bless people.

    Stephen Rajan, India, Pastoral Evangelism
  • Upuia Fineaso

    “I wanted to gain a spiritual foundation before witnessing to others, and I felt that Hartland was my best option to give me that training. It is my desire that God would use me to reach the hearts of children to teach them of His merciful love and win them for His kingdom.

    Upuia Fineaso, Virginia, USA, Elementary Education
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