Path of Discovery

Filipe finds a new calling and the needed tools to fulfill it.

by Rachel Perry

Filipe Ferreira grew up Seventh-day Adventist and had great dreams of sharing our unique health message as a vegan chef. However, through a series of heart preparatory experiences and providential leadings, the Lord gave Him a broader vision.

“Coming out of high school, I had a deep ambition to learn how to study God’s Word for myself,” Filipe relates. “I wanted to know why I was a Seventh-day Adventist.”

After watching Hartland’s “Catch the Vision” promotional video in a church, Filipe felt impressed to take the pastoral evangelism course. “I had peace that this was where I needed to be. At each crossroad God provided further clarity and confirmation that He was leading and that I was on His path!”

Hartland’s Bible classes proved to be life-changing for Filipe. “Truths came alive like never before, and God placed a desire upon my heart to share His truth with others.”

But the changes didn’t stop there!

“I came to Hartland not having a passion for gardening, but God changed my heart and I completed a minor in agriculture—the ABCs of education. I also learned basic woodworking skills and organized several summer youth Bible camps. These broad opportunities have helped me today not only as I raise a family, but as I lead out in our churches and community.”

Filipe is now associate pastor of two churches in the Bay Area of California, where he encourages his members to have an intimate relationship with Christ and share Him in their own communities.

“Hartland’s combination of foundational Bible knowledge with practical labor has given me a balanced and holistic approach to ministry. This has been my most helpful and practical tool. The principles Hartland taught me from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy continue to be a well that I draw from daily.

“Witnessing individuals become fully committed disciples for the kingdom of God is the most satisfying part of my ministry,” he concludes. “Because of my initial desire to study the Bible for myself, there is always a place in my heart for teaching others of God’s truth and love. It is a joy to see others catch the vision of God’s truth and decide to live for Him!”

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