Which Way America?

The United States of America just went through a very contentious presidential election. However, both political parties agree that America is a land that was raised up by God, and that it has been the cradle of religious liberty down through the centuries. Our founders were so concerned about religious oppression and lack of religious freedom in the Old World that they wrote the first amendment to the Constitution, which ensures that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or forbidding the free exercise of it. Nonetheless, a hundred years after ratifying the Constitution, there was a very strong movement pushing Congress to restrict religious liberty and establish Sunday laws. The book of Revelation clearly foretells that religious liberty in America will be restricted, and that we will have a national Sunday law. How can we get through the coming crisis when we will lose our religious liberty? Pastor Mark Finley answers this question in a sermon he recently preached at Living Hope Seventh-day Adventist Community Church.

This coming weekend Eld. Mark Finley will be addressing this topic again during the special retreat that Outpost Centers International will be holding at the Living Hope Church in Haymarket, Virginia. Visit their website to register for this event or to watch it via live stream. 

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