Educated for Ministry and Motherhood

“I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for Hartland College,” says Jenny (Wong) Tay, class of ’99. by Kevin Wahl and Sabrina Petersen

“I felt strongly that God had called me to dedicate my life to serving Him, and I wanted to experience true education,” Jenny shares. 

During her first term at Hartland, God clearly directed her to be a medical missionary—a role which she is filling today in her home and various ministries. “I’m very grateful for an all-round, balanced education. I’m thankful to have truly learned and practiced the eight laws of health. And even though I majored in health, I appreciated the many Bible classes, which have been a great help to me in giving Bible studies and speaking in churches.”

Originally from Malaysia, Jenny and her husband Zephaniah (brother of Hartland graduate Canny Tay) now live in Hong Kong, where Zephaniah pastors in the Hong Kong Macao Conference. A homeschool mom, Jenny also uses her background as a health educator to assist her husband. “I give health talks, especially on natural remedies, to my husband’s churches and other churches.” 

Beyond teaching people about healthful living, Jenny has witnessed the power of example to reach people. “Because we are vegetarians, many who befriend us get curious and start to be health conscious also. The Bible is the gospel preached; medical missionary work is the gospel practiced.”

Jenny and Zephaniah have three children—Ruth (16), Isaac (13), and Miriam (10). “I want all my children to grow up loving God and putting Him first in their lives. Therefore, I have encouraged them to have personal daily devotions and to memorize Scripture from a very young age.”

Principles learned from Hartland’s Christian Marriage and Family class are invaluable to Jenny in raising her children. “I especially like the book Home Built Discipline,” she mentions.

“I trained my children to be involved in housework. They take turns doing different duties. Another area I constantly teach and remind my children of is the choice of dress and music. Sexy clothes and wrong music are not allowed.”

Jenny’s knowledge of health has directed her decisions as a mother, as well. “My children are blessed to be vegetarians from birth. They hardly get sick, and whenever they are sick, I usually resort to natural remedies. Their exposure to medicine is minimal and they have healthy bodies. They have been breastfed from birth, instead of having to drink cow’s milk like most babies.”

Jenny concludes, “My own life and my family’s life would be very different without my special education. I’m indeed grateful for Hartland College.”

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