Piedmont Valley Youth Bible Camp

Touching Young Lives

Campers discover there is "no limit" to what God can do in their lives. by Sabrina Petersen

Eleven-year-old Jessica* was a troubled girl. I began noticing it the second day of camp, as she refused to sing during choir practice. I was glad she came to camp, though. Beneath the rebellious attitude was a girl who desired to be loved and accepted simply as a child of God. I sought to befriend Jessica, since she happened to be in a class I was teaching. As I and other camp staff reached out to her, I started noticing a change in her heart; she seemed to enjoy her classes and participate more willingly. 

Jessica wasn’t the only one changed through her time at Piedmont Valley Youth Bible Camp (PVYBC). Sixty-one young people came together on the Hartland campus to discover that there is “No Limit” to what God can do in and through them. Among these campers was Isabelle (13), who had worried that others at PVYBC might judge her. On the contrary, she found that she could open up in the accepting environment. “Ever since I came here, I’ve felt drawn to God,” she said.

Along with an incredibly devoted team of counselors and volunteers, PVYBC was privileged to have 19-year-old Hannah Rayne from Restoration International as campfire speaker. She shared from her heart about relevant and practical topics, such as being unconditionally loved by God, living a lifestyle of victory, having a deeper prayer life, identifying the devil’s lies, and choosing to believe the truth. 

The campers were challenged to find their own walk with God and were given an environment conducive to spiritual growth. “I wasn’t really fond of devotions,” Matthew (15), shared during Sabbath evening testimony time, “but this week has helped me a lot. It’s a privilege now.” 

While campers at PVYBC grow spiritually, they also learn how to be a blessing to others. On Sabbath afternoon, a large group shared crafts they had made and music at two different nursing homes in the community. Others went door to door or hosted a health expo. “Literature evangelism taught me perseverance and brought me closer to God,” commented David (14), who colporteured during the week. 

As a camp staff member, God gave me precious opportunities to see His hand at work touching young lives and softening hearts. I look forward to what He will continue to do as we plan PVYBC 2017, “Be Light.”

*A pseudonym

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