Divine Design

A Hartland production for 3ABN - by Staff Writers

Last year, in order to create more awareness of the midwifery program at Hartland College, we asked our media team to produce a few short promotional videos. The original clips were only five minutes in length, but they were so well done that we decided to send them to Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) to see if they would be interested in airing them. 

We waited on pins and needles, praying that they would be accepted. Finally, 3ABN responded, “We want 13 episodes of fifteen minutes each.” Wow! But could our team meet the challenge? The scripts had to be written, the filming done, the graphics searched and implemented, and so on. 

With many hours of hard work, the series was completed, covering a wide variety of topics in the area of childbirth. The series is titled Divine Design and is hosted by Patti Barnes, a certified professional midwife (CPM) and director of Hartland’s midwifery program.

The network recently announced the new series to be aired Wednesday mornings, beginning in September. Shelley Quinn, Program Development Manager at 3ABN, was very enthusiastic: 

“This is so exquisitely done, and I believe it is going to capture the attention of everyone. You cannot watch this series and come away believing that God did not create us. From the point of conception through development, it uplifts and glorifies God all the way through.”

With just as much enthusiasm, Molly Steenson, Vice President of 3ABN, added:

“My first thought was, Midwifery? There is not going to be any place on 3ABN for that program. But I watched it, and it was amazing! Then I had to pitch it to two men on the executive committee, and their first response was worse than mine! But they watched it, and they thought it was absolutely incredible. So I want you to know, this is going to be an incredible addition to the programming on 3ABN. I can’t wait till we start!”

 All praise be to our kind heavenly Father for making this possible, and for helping the media team to put together a very professional series. The team managed to accomplish, with a small budget, what other production crews would charge tens of thousands of dollars to produce. You won’t want to miss a single episode of Divine Design. Airing every Wednesday, starting in September, on 3ABN at 9:45am Central Time (10:45am Eastern Time). Remember to check the program schedule on for broadcasting times.

After playing all the thirteen episodes, 3ABN decided to air it again every Wednesday (10.45am) and Sunday (10.00am, Eastern Time).

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