Victoria’s Vision

Victoria sees midwifery as a way to reach Nigerian families with the gospel.

by Kendi Callender

“My story begins with a conversion in my mind and heart,” says Victoria Adeyeye. Leaving her home in Nigeria, Victoria went to a medical missionary school in Kenya. As she experienced country living and became immersed in a godly atmosphere, everything changed for her. “Following God’s direction led me to fully depend on Him without desiring the things of the world. I wanted to do something for God.”

Still feeling the need to acquire more knowledge after finishing her training, Victoria looked for other schools that upheld the same standard. She prayed, “Lord, I need more training to teach other people about You and about their bodies. There has to be a school for me where I can learn about You and specialize in something.” Shortly after, as an answer to prayer, a friend introduced Victoria to Hartland College.

 “I knew Hartland was the school for me, but I didn’t know how I was going to get there,” Victoria recalls. She met resistance from some people she looked up to and had financial problems, but she knew God was preparing her for her calling. “After waiting for eight months, I was accepted into the Missionary Training Fund [MTF] program!” The MTF is the financial aid Hartland provides for students like Victoria.

Hartland’s diverse culture and small teacher–student ratio has helped Victoria a lot. She has developed focus in her studies and learned how to relate with others from around the world. When asked why she chose midwifery as her major, Victoria replied with a sense of longing: “I have a burden for families, due to my background of a dysfunctional home. I recognize that the devil is trying hard to break up families.” Midwifery is the perfect entering wedge for her to minister to mothers and introduce God into their homes. There’s no need to knock on doors; the mothers come to you!

Victoria shares that Nigeria’s culture of respect often hinders parent–child bonding. “I plan to use midwifery as an entering wedge to encourage families in my country to be more united and interactive,” she says. “I would love to hold family-focused seminars.” Victoria is excited that the Lord is already opening doors for a mission trip to Nigeria next summer.

Only eternity will tell how far-reaching your sacrificial giving is. When you fund a student, they receive training to bless others and lead them to Christ. Your gift can multiply a thousand times over! Thank you so much for your support.

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