Media and the Opening Wedge

Shane Smith, a media major from Connecticut, has found his niche at Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) and its media branch, Life & Health Network. by Shane Smith

When I first started my internship, I thought I would be sitting in an office editing videos all the time. But I have been able to do something I’ve always wanted to do—travel! AMEN does free health clinics all over the US, and my job is to help with setup and breakdown, and document everything so I can make a video about it. Besides health clinics, AMEN plans overseas mission trips twice a year, and they have an annual conference. I wasn’t able to go on a mission trip with them last year, but I’m planning to go this year by God’s grace. 

As fun and exciting as it is to fly allover the US doing health clinics, it’s not easy. Sometimes our day starts at 3 AM and ends at midnight. But when you’re doing the Lord’s work, it’s worth it. People have started Bible studies and given their lives to Christ after coming to AMEN’s health events. Seeing that and hearing the feedback from the churches makes all the late nights and long weekends worthwhile. 

Lately I have been working on a project with Life & Health Network called Diabetes Undone. I was given the opportunity to help with the recording of the cookbook that goes with it. Every recipe has a QR code that links to a video, so people can scan the code with their smartphones to see how to cook that recipe. What I really like about working with Life & Health is that I am learning so much more about health. The other week we recorded hydrotherapy videos, and that was the best! 

My time at Hartland prepared me for my internship in so many ways. Vocational training taught me time management, and the media training I received has been a great blessing. I had no idea that all the information I learned in design class would be so useful in the video work I’m doing today. Videography is my passion, and thanks to the foundation laid at Hartland, I have been able to grow and improve every year.

Before, I wanted to be an overseas missionary. But since I have been working with AMEN and Life & Health Network, I have seen that people need a lot of help right here in the USA. My vision for the future is to use media wherever I go to inspire people to help others. 

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