The Very Training I Need

“Hartland College is one of a kind. Very rarely have I seen elsewhere the training given here,” says MTF student Samuel Amirtharaj from India.- by Samuel Amirtharaj as told to Kevin Wahl

Hartland’s Bible-based, Christ-centered curriculum convinced me that this is the training I need. But because my family works at a self-supporting institute in India, we had to really think about finances. We prayed a lot, and by God's grace I learned about the Missionary Training Fund. When Hartland accepted me, my conviction was sealed that God had called me here. After that, I did not fear anything because I could see God leading me.  

I chose to study pastoral evangelism because India has a great need for rightly trained pastors. All the activities at Hartland, from vocational training to outreach, are preparing me. The knowledge and skills I learn in my classes are tested through practical assignments, like sharing a doctrine with nonbelievers, preparing sermons, knocking on doors, and so on.

In March I went with Hartland’s Youth, Do You Dare outreach team to Elmira, New York, where we worked with an academy. After my devotional talk one morning, one teen told me that he really wanted to know the Bible more. That impacted me in a way nothing else has. I praise God for choosing this broken vessel for His glory.

Hartland’s teachers and other staff members help me to stay focused and to not forget God’s purpose for my life. It is very hard to find this kind of mentorship. 

This winter break, several other students and I are going on a mission trip to Nepal. We will do medical missionary work with Lay Institute of Global Health Training, which is led by my brother Joshua, who studied health at Wildwood. 

India needs a strong Bible-based training center for evangelism. After I finish my studies at Hartland, Joshua and I plan to start a gospel medical missionary training center for students from all parts of India. 

I thank all of you donors for helping students like me to be trained at Hartland. I want you to know for a verity that God has recorded everything and He will reward you in heaven. Please continue supporting the Missionary Training Fund so more people will be added to God's kingdom. Please also pray for my family and future plans.

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