Introducing Loma Linda Campestre

Read about the Castros’ ministry to orphans in Colombia.

Loma Linda Campestre is a family-operated ministry begun by Fredy (class of 2006) and Connie Castro (former Hartland staff), located in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. They interact with the community through selling natural products in the local markets, lifestyle counseling, massage, hydrotherapy services, and training young people to give therapeutic treatments.

Working together with God, their local church, and the community, they encourage individuals to acquire the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Using God’s natural laws and remedies to fight disease, many people become acquainted with Christ and are eager to know more about Him.

Reaching Out to Orphans

The Lopez Pardo orphans live near Villa de Leyva in Colombia.

In September of last year, we heard the sad news that 38-year-old Fermina Pardo was stung by a bee, had a severe anaphylactic reaction, and died as a result. Three months later, her 55-year-old husband, Jose Bernardo Lopez, suffered respiratory shock and died during his sleep. In Colombia, many families cook on a wood stove all their lives. Unfortunately, this type of cooking, in improper environments, can cause asthma.

Jose Bernardo carved stones as his main source of income for his family of eight. From eldest to youngest, here are the children’s names and ages: Milton Andres, 21; Ginna Rocio, 18; Jenny Tatiana, 16; Leidy Dayana, 15; Betty Zamira, 13; and Juan Fernando, 11. 

One Sabbath afternoon, we and some church members visited the Lopez Pardo orphans. From that time, we began to make friends with and gain the trust of the children. As we got acquainted with their needs, we put much effort into loving and caring for this family. 

Step by step, as we conquered their hearts, the girls and the youngest boy agreed to start an exercise and stretching program with us in the morning before going to school. Now we hold Bible studies with them every Wednesday and Friday. Learning hands-on healthy cooking principles is also part of our visiting time. Our friend Lady Jimenez, a psychology student who is also studying the Bible with us, comes along to help with family counseling. We are taking advantage of this opportunity to present practical lessons of Jesus’ love.

Loma Linda Campestre’s team realizes that youth, children, and families have great and urgent needs, such as counseling for  broken families, help with health issues, spiritual needs, godly education, and so on. We desire to serve these precious souls in an environment where agriculture, true education, and practical skills can be provided in order to perpetuate the blessing of redemption. 

Our mission requires funds to establish a lifestyle center fitted to house special cases: families, children, and youth who can learn to be useful in society and witness for God and of His great love for them.

It’s very rewarding to see these children’s smiles. They show great interest as we go through the Bible lessons. During our study time we use the carved stones around their humble home as a spiritual illustration: we, as living stones, can be built up into a spiritual house acceptable to God, by Jesus Christ. (See 1 Peter 2:5.)

There are no words to describe these orphans’ needs. Our outreach must focus on a complete and long-lasting parental relationship that they can depend on by God’s grace. We pray that you can be part of our mission to help this family with your donations.

“The angelic architect has brought his golden measuring rod from heaven, that every stone may be hewed and squared by the divine measurement, and polished to shine as an emblem of heaven, radiating in all directions the bright, clear beams of the Sun of Righteousness.” In Heavenly Places, p. 281. 

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